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Are you one of those frustrated person who are looking for a decent online jobs or business to earn a monthly cash?

Frustrated...I've been researching how to make money online for a few months now, feverishly trying to decipher all of this information to determine a viable way to do so. I stumbled on to affiliate marketing by being suckered into a "get paid with data entry" website. After realizing what "data entry" was, I figured I would look into affiliate marketing to see what it was all about. 

Well here I am 2-3 months later more confused than ever. Well I do feel I definitely understand a whole lot more than when I first started, this way of making money is very challenging to say the least. 

I don't know how candid some of the vets will be with my questions and I guess I understand why but I wanted to ask some questions here. Your answers are much appreciated... 

1. How long did it take for you to start making decent money say $100/day? 
2. How much money do you spend on IM (Internet Marketing) a day to sustain $100/day? 
3. Do you follow a specific program that you purchased online or do you just follow your own way? 
4. Do you recommend hiring a mentor or just toughing it out on your own? 
5. Is the "data entry" tech. simple BS- just doing PPC marketing? 
6. Can someone help from keeping my head from exploding? 

These are more basic questions because I don't think anyone would reveal their secrets on public but I guess I'm trying to get a temp. Read on this field of making money online. I am intrigued and I will keep plugging away but I'm just coming to grips with the fact that this is a real profession that takes alot of time, money, and effort... 

An honest reply to you:

Affiliate Marketing can be a monstrous beast for I would say 90% of the people who try it and the other few succeed in small patches and some even get so good at it the profits are ridiculous. If you try hard enough you can make something out of it. 
Making 100 a day can take quite some time. That depends on what you are doing to reach that point. It is no walk in the park. Most money spent on Internet Marketing is through PPC, which takes time and experience to figure out how to do it correctly. It is also best to find some free methods to advertise your business. Plus there is hosting and domain names and such. I have spent 166 bucks on 2 years of hosting. 

There are many make money programs to follow but many of them are crap. The "make money by following this program" marketing strategies are (SWAMPED) with people. It is near impossible to make any money that way unless you are a marketing genius. If you try it you will see. It is best to find something you like to do say (golf) and find stuff that you call through that. I would say Equipment, golf tips and instructions, advice on golf courses, etc... Information on stuff like this sells. All you are trying to do is gather a certain group of people to one location so they can do something. Whether it is to buy a product or just to click on an ad that will earn you some money per lead. Of course, there are affiliate opportunites that have been known to be good if you follow the program and the tips. If you decide to slack off in this business you can guess what will happen...... NOTHING! 

Try your best to stay away from easy and fast money programs, they are normally too good to be truth.  Everyone hate the hard work of running an internet business website but that is where the real money is, especially if you are interested in earning real hard cash from affiliate marketing.

Once you setup your own niche website in your area of expertise or an affiliate marketing website, then go into educating yourself fully on all the essentials of online marketing. Like in any other fields, proper training yield results. Nobody can be an engineer just like that, he/she will still have to go through a multitude of courses and amass enough experience before becoming successful. 

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