Are You Spending too much Time on your Home Business Link Exchange

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When I started my own Online Home Business Website, like every online webmaster who read about the benefits of reciprocal links, I began to join in the linking campaign.  Initially, the task was simple, as long as you have many website linking to you, your website will have a very good ranking.

Then many link farm website sprung out making website linking even easier.

How does a link farm website works?

It is very simple, you become a free member of the link farm and every month, every link farm member will be email to download pages of links page of their members to be uploaded to their own reciprocal link page.  So every website will have many links pointing to them and this begin to spread like fire.

The problems then arise as the Search Engine will have problems ranking sites when every site have so many IDENTICAL links pointing to them.  Search Engine like begin to revamp their link ranking strategy and lower the ranking of those site that join a link farm and that was the end of the MASS linking game.

Now, the magic questions is will reciprocal links improve my ranking?

The answer is a yes and no.  Reciprocal links DOESN'T command such a high ranking points any more.  Many links pointing to your website does not automatically means that your site will have a high ranking.  The links ranking have become much more complex and nobody really know the answers except those insiders working in the Search Engine companies.

Doing some research with the world largest Search Engine will tell you that website with very little links pointing to them can have a VERY HIGH RANKING as compare to another website with thousands of links.  It is really a mixture results.  Some website have many links can rank very high but some very low.

Does that mean having relevant links will improve my ranking?

Not really, however having relevant links will gain you some plus points in your search engine ranking but it is not everything.  For example, uses about 100 criteria to rank a site.  There are well-known criteria such as:

- is your site contents rich
- the position of your important keywords in your web page
- is there hidden words that you try to hide from the human (minus points) etc.

As you can see, reciprocal links is just ONE of the search ranking criteria.  Initially, when you start a new home online business website, THIRTY to FIFTY RELEVANT reciprocal links should be more than enough to get you the link points you need for your search engine ranking.  Put your contacts information on your website and leave the additional incoming links for other webmaster to contact you for the link exchange.

Don't spend too much time on the MINDLESS link exchange pursue, as reciprocal link is just ONE OF THE 100 plus criteria's of the mighty search engine Google.  It is not the ONLY criteria for HIGH ranking.

All the best wishes to your Home Business Success.

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