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We all know that advertising and marketing, are the life blood of any business! You can have the best product in the world, but if nobody knows about it, you will not make any money!

Here are Five ways to use business card in your home based internet business!

1) When you go shopping, leave some business cards with the cashier, leave some when you go to the ATM machine, or on some shelf in the stores. It doesn't cost you nothing to do it and you never know!

2) Post some cards at the library, there is, most of the time, an erea where you are allowed to post flyers. Post your cards. Post some cards at billboards in your city; like at the gym, yacht club, arena etc...Be different!

3) When you pay bills, insert 1 card in the enveloppe. Do that for all the different bills. You can also do this if you use the ATM machine.

4) Give a few business cards to your friends and family. Ask them to give some away to people they know!

5) Go to bookstores and insert some cards in home business magazines and business magazines. When somebody will took the magazine to read it they will see the business cards inside or it will fell on the floor. Either way, they will be curious and read your message!

6) When you post flyers on billboards in your city, you can also stick a few business cards on your flyers. This will give you two advantages. First, you will be different than most people. How many times have you seen flyer with business cards attach to it? You will get more attention to your flyers because your different. Secondly, if people are interested, instead of tearing down your ad, they will simply take a small business cards.

7) If you are the kind of person that likes to takes walk, You can be very proactive about your business.Simply, give away cards to every person that you see!

So now, go out there and put to practice what you have just learn. Don't be shy! Remember, if nobody knows you're in business, you are not in business!

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