Doing Business By Shaking Hands Online

We all understand the importance of doing business properly which means shaking hands with your prospects, you may be asking yourself how can you do that electronically through a computer??

Let me tell you exactly how to do it from your very own home computer.....

First of all you need to register with an online community now there are various ones such as MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AOL and many more which can all give you access to millions of prospects online that you can effectively promote your business opportunity too.

I recommend AOL the reason being is that it is one of the internets oldest and easiest to use online services with more members than most online communities therefore giving you access to more prospects than your business may well be able to handle. Once you have registered with your community in this case assuming that it is AOL, you must then start to create your member profile.

Now your online profile has to be as interesting and targetted as possible, it should contain information such as your full name, world location, age, hobbies, occupation and your skills. On your profile you must provide as much information as you can provided you also keep it relevant, the reason being if you have a bad profile people are not going to want to chat however on the other hand if you have an extremely interesting profile you will get a much better response from your prospects.

The time has now come to perform a search in the member directory in order to find prospects. The ways in which you can do this are simply by entering the location, interests, age or sex of the type of prospects you are looking for, the more information you provide during your search the better quality of prospects you will find.

Once you have filtered through your search results you must then send your prospects an instant message some good hook lines that have been tried and tested by me are listed below.

"Hi there I was just taking a break at work when I did a search of the member directory and I found your profile, you have a really good one"

"I've just been looking through your profile and I noticed you play gold I also have a very keen interest in golf"

"From reading your profile I can see that you swim alot Im currently working as a lifeguard"

"I see you currently work in network marketing so do I, how long have you been doing it for?"

After starting a conversation with your prospects you may well eventually get asked the question is this network marketing?

Below are some replies which i currently use....

"What is your understanding of network marketing? Do you know much about it?"

"Do you like network marketing?"

"Have you ever tried network marketing?"

The most important thing to remember is even if you do not promote your business during your early conversations with your new prospects you will however have built a relationship with them and can then follow up with them on a regular basis and build a certain level of trust also, when they log online you must wait around 5 minutes before sending them any instant messages.

The above is just a very short briefing of how to shake hands on the internet.

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