Choosing The First Product You Sell

Choosing the perfect online business is clearly up to you, not to anybody else. When consultants and coaches say 'Take the risks', they are wrong. There are risks everywhere: when you sleep, when you walk, when you eat. There are risks in a new business too.

Therefore, you must evaluate the situation under all aspects in order to be able to identify the risks, to control and avoid them. You must first clearly have the things in your mind before you start.

Let's see:

How much do you know about web design? Are you skillful enough to do it yourself or to clearly explain to a designer all what you need?

Are you comfortable talking to the people, making relations? Do you know how to build a large community including clients and referrers?

Have you ever made a sale?
To achieve the big goal you either have three yes-answers to the above questions either have a big budget for hiring people. If you have none then you need a little more time to learn a new way of thinking about the world.

The biggest secret of business is to know something no-one else knows: yourself.

It's important to decide your business in an area where you have already developed some initial interests, skills or knowledge. Any business has its own norms and values. The greater will be the distance, the greater the risk and time to achieve.

Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities to be successful. Something small that people will pay for it would be perfect.

Make a list with relatives, friends and other persons you know. Don't forget the man from gas station or your son's teacher. Put all of them in your address book. Go and create networks of people who can become clients or referral sources. You will not succeed just selling to friends, you will succeed selling to strangers.

Do not stop improving your knowledge and expertise about what you sell. You must offer a clear, unambiguous benefit that your target market can't live without.

Be honest. Whatever you do, remember that first product you sell is yourself.

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