Squeezing The Internet Income Juice Out Of The Web

Try of think of someone whom you know who makes money from the internet. If you donít know anyone personally then think of someone you know of who makes money online. It could be someone in your upline or your favourite guru if you like.

Okay, now that you have a successful internet marketer in mind ask yourself this Ė how many websites does your role model have? In all probability they will be running a large number of different websites Ė a number of them will be earning them cash whilst others will be getting their name out, or putting their best products and offerings in the public view and fulfilling a chiefly branding or marketing function.

Itís a fairly consistent model with successful online business types Ė multiple income streams from multiple websites promoting a variety of different products and services. So why is it that so many inexperienced marketers believe that when they put up their first website they will sit back and get rich on the basis of that single effort? Itís not going to happen is it?

Think about it like making freshly squeezed orange juice. You get up in the morning and go into the kitchen. You want some freshly squeezed orange juice with your toast so you grab an orange, slice it in two and squeeze it out over one of those old fashioned dishes (you could have bought a carton at the nearest grocers but you forgot).

After applying a bit of light pressure you have about half a glass of orange juice and two squeezed out orange halves. Itís a good start but itís not enough. You want more juice. What do you do?

Well maybe you take your two squeezed out orange halves and repeat the process using them again. Press a little harder, twist a little faster Ė you might get a little more juice. Not an unreasonable approach - you want to get your moneyís worth out of that first orange. But what do you do when that stops working?

You have a lot of choices at this point you know. You could go and get yourself a more efficient squeezer, possibly with hydraulic attachments, laser edged blades, titanium presses and electromagnetic irradiation technology included for maximum juicing efficiency.

Maybe you could phone your friend who first introduced you to juicing way back and get their advice. Better yet Ė go online and sign up for one of the ďJuice GuruísĒ downloadable courses - $200 (but think of all that juice).

Or you could just get yourself another orange and repeat your first process again till you have all the juice you need.

Okay Ė it is a little far fetched, but Iím making a point. Weíre all sensible people so we grab the second orange right? Itís obvious Ė but how many of us are wasting our time on the internet trying to squeeze more juice out of something thatís already given us all that itís got?

Think about it. You put up the new website and, after a slow start more often than not, things start to pick up and you make a little money. A few tweaks here and there, a little marketing, a few reciprocal links etc. and you now have a site that is bringing you in a decent amount of money each month.

What will you do next? Itís amazing how many marketers will spend large amounts of time and money trying to get more and more out of a site that is already performing well and providing as much income as can reasonably be expected. They increase their advertising budget, they download e-books on how to double their profits, they spend hours submitting to obscure search engines, leaving their sig files on forums and generally beating their head against a brick wall.

So, if you have a site thatís already making money and you want to double your income, then use the skills, experience and contacts that you developed during the production of that first website to produce another one. Pick a related but different area and get going. The experience you gained with the first website means that youíll find it much easier and faster to double your profits in this manner than to keep trying to squeeze more juice out of your first orange.

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