Creating a Business Vision - The Top Ten Things

To visualise where you are going, is deeper and more sensory than anything you have ever done before. And these are the skills of those who are able to create a vision you can really live and breathe. These people...

Are Focused

They are able to visualise in a focused and very clear way what 'perfect' will truly look like in the future.

Involve Others

Bring others into the contribution, such that they might try things they might never have before.

Realise Core Strengths

Whilst being ultra-keen to grow and evolve, these people are true to the core strengths of the organisation and see the future through that.

Take Time Out

Make the time for themselves and help others to free up thinking room. And use it fully.

Play the Game

They encourage a creative environment and take full part personally. They themselves set out to find ways of generating novel and fun ways to make this live.

Think Big

Top class visions may even be unattainable within lifetimes and are often part of a bigger legacy. many major corporations have 50-year (and more!) visions.

Use Their Senses

A vital part of Visioning is to be able to use all five senses as fully as possible and alos that wonderful sixth sense, the one of intuition.

Are Knowledgeable

They keep their eyes and ears open and are fully aware of the possibilities. they suck in information and ideas to help form their thinking. Media, other people, non-business analogies and metaphors too.

Put Aside Beliefs

Great visionaries can shift themselves into a different dimension when looking at the future and leave their existing beliefs outside the room.

Are Evangelists

They shout the outcome vision from the rooftops, relating so well to all of their people. They explains it in words which mean something to all involved in future success.

And taking the time out to share these visions, better still, involve your people right in the thick of it - builds teams, encourages contribution. Generates motivation, engagement and commitment.

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