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One of the biggest challenges of all workings adult is the job of splitting themselves equally between their time spent on their career and family.  This is one of the main reason why home based business have sprung up all over the world as people search for ways to earn a decent full-time wage without leaving their home.

Written here today are ways you can start planning for an authentic business opportunity and free yourself from the time trap that every career holder are facing.

- Hobbies

Many small businesses were started out of their own hobby.  Doing what you love everyday and making money at the same time is the best way you can spend your time till the end of your life.  One idea you can start with is starting an internet website and writing about your hobby. Getting your own unique domain name and web hosting are pretty cheap nowadays. 

- Expert Knowledge

If you hold specialize knowledge such as programming language, accounting or human resource and is good at it, you can start part-time as a freelancer.  You can charge hourly or by project basis.

- Tuition Services

For those who like teaching, why not start a part-time tuition service.  Once you gain your reputation as a good teacher, you will get more students than you can handle.  From then on, you can rope in others to assist you as you slowly free yourself from direct teaching and grow it as a full-time tuition business.

- Child Care

Many child care businesses are run from homes.  If you have your own children and are currently one of those parents wanting to work from home, why not start a child care business right at home.  There are many double income parents looking for some trusted people to take care of their child while they are at work.  Do the job well and eventually you'll get more referrals from these parents.  Once your reputation grows, it will grow into a booming home based child care business.

- Invest In Property

If you happened to be a high income earner in your current job, earning a passive income from rental property is a great way to free yourself from the rat race.  As your rental income grows, you will rely less and less on your high income but stressful job.

- Part-Time Business Online

One of the greatest invention on this earth is the internet.  Many people use it for information research, playing network games, watching videos online etc.  However, not many parents realize that the internet can also be used to generate a stay at home full-time income.  However, if your are interested in this income source, make sure you know the online home business skill requirement before you even venture on it.

Well, now you knows some of these authentic business opportunity ideas, why not start taking some action on it.  Remember those wise words, nothing venture nothing gain.

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