Common Mistakes When Working At Home

How fortunate that we are living in an era where it is possible to make money at very little cost. In the olden days, if you want to make money offline for e.g., you generally have to save up some cash to invest in stock, a premises or both. Thankfully, with the arrival of the internet means that it is now possible for anyone with access to a computer, internet connection to make an extra income without investing lots of money upfront.

The advantages of working from home are vast. Working at home allows you to have a flexible office schedule, so you can be around for your family more than you would if you were logging eight hours a day at the office and that's before you factor in the commuting time. It also helps you save a lot of money on that commute, as you're not using as much fuel when your office is down the hallway from your bedroom.

So, while the advantages seem to be endless, there are some common mistakes that many people make when they work at home that make the experience less rewarding. 


Not knowing where to compete is one of the top mistake why many failed in their home business.  As a one person business, there is a limit to your time allocation as you will be the same person creating contents, designing your website and doing online marketing.  Therefore, you need to focus on a niche in order to be successful.

Too comfortable

Even though you are working at home and the only people you'll probably see during the day are your kids and the mailman you still need to shower in the morning and put on some casual work clothes. If you stay in your bathrobe all day you're going to be more apt to start watching "The View" and lying on the couch than actually working.

Scattering hours

It is important that you stick to a routine every day. If your kids are out of the house and off to school by 8 am each morning then you should target starting your work by 8:30. This gives you enough time to get ready for work and will put you in good shape to get a solid amount of work done by the time the kids are done with school. 


It's always tempting to lounge around more than you ever would in the mornings if you were leaving your house to go to work. It is imperative you develop a strict discipline and avoid the temptation to slack off. The longer you dilly-dally around, the harder it will be to dive into your work.

Falling into a rut

Even though you're working at home, you need to maintain a professional air about your home business. Work an eight-hour day and take a proper lunch break. This will help you stick to your routine.

Working after hours. 

You tends to frequently feel like you always have more time to finish what you're working on because the office is in your home. When five o'clock or whatever time you've determined is quitting time then you have to shut down your computer and stop working.

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