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I've been researching for an internet job for over 6 months and have found nothing but scams.  Last year I was hurt at work and need to work at home. I have been on so many websites, I lost count!  Nothing is real, everything is a scam, everyone wants money...duh..if I had money to throw away, I wouldn't spend all my time on the computer searching for work.  Where are the honest sites, the real sites, the sites that actually have jobs available?  I have spent at least 3 hours everyday looking for something that I don't have to sell or me, I'm going nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I understand what you're saying about the frustration of looking for work at home jobs. The biggest probem with that is everyone wants to do it. The biggest issue is that anything that's real, one would have to put a lot work into it. For traditional jobs, you can just get a job and work and get paid. But for home jobs, there are not many things available. The ones that do work, you have to put in either money, time, or learn new skills. Writing blogs were big for awhile then everyone starts doing it. I doubt new blogs are making as much money as the old ones. Plus it'll take time before people even notice your blogs. Same with new websites. 

But I hope you realize that just because something takes an initial investment to get started doesn't mean that it's automatically a scam. Plus there IS a difference between a work at home "Job" and a work at home "business opportunity." It sounds like you looking for a job, which shouldn't require any initial costs. 

I don't think it's easy to find a "trustful" long-distance (and anonymous) employer.  However, if you want to be your own employer, there are lots of opportunities out there.  Of course, if you think you will ever find "one opportunity" that will pay you to do nothing, then question yourself...

"Would You Pay Someone To Do Nothing?"

Of Course Not!

I have seen many scams, but fortunately for me, not every single program is a scam. (I wouldn't do business online if that was the case).  Let me give you one example... Lots of people (not all) are making a nice secondary income selling digital pictures online. Of course, one needs some knowledge to become successful, and... "patience" is involved as well.

But, what most people do is this... they buy a "good info product" on how to sell digital pictures (just an example), and that's it... They don't do anything with it, or, they get discouraged once they discover that it takes some "action".

There are lots of different people on this planet. Most folks fail to take any action with the information they got. Most folks don't even take any effort to dig a little bit deeper... 

The purpose of a good info-product is to give you a head start, but you should always do something with that information as well. Do some research on your own once you know the basics : the more complicated stuff is usually freely available on the internet!

Any business you start is going to have costs.Home based businesses that have a program set up will cost money but that is not a scam. Yes, there may be scams out there, but most of these companies are legitimate. You need to research and see how long they have been in business. Anything that is a scam will be shut down within a couple of years. 

Robert Kiyosaki recommends people with not a lot of cash to start up a business to consider a mlm home based business or something similar since the costs to start your own business is can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you are looking to be employed and not have your own business than that is a different story.

You need to decide what you want to do and research the opportunities. If you think you can start your own business without any costs you are truly mistaken. You can always start your own business separate from any company but there will be costs and lots of time the start up costs of these companies are there to cover the sales and work done to set you up.

"Nothing In Business Is Free...."

Utimately, it is depend what you would like to achieve, whether you are looking for a job online or build a online business. If you looking for a job online, I believe there are some legitimate ones out there even though you will probably find much much more are just scams. Perhaps find those who offer job which does not require you to pay anything up front, beside if he is a real employer he would not ask his employee (future employee) to pay, right?

Secondly, if what you are looking for is to build a business on internet, then there are actually many business models on internet. They could be related to Ads revenue through building high traffic site or pay per click marketing (adwords, etc..), sell Infoproduct (ebooks, softwares, etc..), Sell physical product (ebays, dropshipment model,etc..) and many more. 
You would need to do some research to understand the big picture and starting focus on niche market and biz model. Many of this information are free and some are only available for a fee. Always do a research before spending any money. Like building any business internet business will take time and money (usually much less $ than offline business). I just do not believe get rich quick is actually works for most legitimate business on internet and in general. Avoid those money games, chain letters ...they are mostly scams.

One of the way to get start quickly is to invest in complete ready to use money-making site. What it does is getting everything ready for you to get you started quickly. Then you will need to follow daily lesson in how to build your business forward and actually doing it. This is a great ways to learn and by doing it. You can always build more business, websites, selling more other products in future. Again always spend money within your mean, take time to read and understand about what business opportunities they are offering. Like any business you would need to control your expenses in order to gain max profit.

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