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Although it is highly possible to build a profitable computer internet career while you are still at your regular job, there are many who have also decided to quit their day job as they were determined that they were going to succeed no matter what.  These group of highly motivated people may simply found that spending additional time on their day job a waste of their time. 

Focusing on your online jobs means that you will have plenty of time and your chances of success  will probably be greater. 

So, how should you make the decision whether to kill your day job or not. 

Here are some questions you should ponder upon before you submit your resignation letter to quit your day job.

- Cash at Bank

Yes, have you save enough cash to survive for at least a year?

You should have enough money in your bank to sustain your present lifestyle for at least one year if you want to quit your day job.  Although it feels great to earn a full-time income from your pc online jobs but you also do not want to be starving or struggling to make ends meet especially if you have a family to feed.

- Double Income Family

If both of you are working, at least one monthly income is still flowing in.  So, try to talk to your life partner and get his/her support.  It also helps to build up a stronger relationship between both of you.

- Hectic Career

Yes, if are currently overwork, then you can't concentrate building your career online.  After a day works, you would be exhausted.  A regular job that is already consuming all your time means that you don't have time and energy left to build up your internet career part-time.

- Strong Determination

Last of all, do you have the determination to do what it takes despite of any hurdles?

Ultimately, whether you can successful earn a full-time income online will dependent on you alone. Don't ever blame luck or other people as doing this puts the power out of your own hands. 

As a human beings, you have the ability to change things, it's up to you to believe it!

The only failure are those who have give up trying.

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