Creating a Successful Super Selling Mini Website

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The objective of building an Internet Mini Business Website is to SELL.  Most Mini website will have only ONE sales pitch page.  There may be additional pages at the bottom of the website such as earning disclaimer, join our affiliates or some other info but the focus will not be there. 

A mini selling website with just a few pages of contents make it very difficult to optimize for your targeted keywords due to the way the search engine is program to behave.  There are simply not enough contents for the search engine to index.

Promoting a Mini Website requires a different kinds of strategy. The most common type of promotion for a Mini Website is via the Pay Per Click Search Engine, setting up an affiliate program, forum posting or via Free Reprint Article Marketing.

Another common Mini Website promotion strategy is to have a separate large contents website that will points the traffics to your Mini Sales pitch website.

As a Mini site owner, you can forget about using reciprocal link as a promotion strategy as website with only a few pages will make the search engine suspicious and the thousands of links pointing to your mini website will not help much in your website ranking.

The advantage of building a Mini Website is that it is very FOCUS and it has been proven to be a very powerful SELLING machine as it has a very high rate of getting sales once a web visitor reach the website.

A testimonial from other reputable and famous webmaster is also a MUST have.  Testimonials will give weight to what you are selling and it will give the buyers MORE confidence to buy as they can see the benefits that have been obtained by others who have used the products.

Reward the buyers by including FREE bonuses if they act now or by a certain date.  Successful Mini website will try to persuade the buyer by seducing them to act immediately if possible.

To further boost your conversion rate, you should include a free email marketing course or ebook for web visitors in order to capture their email so that you can contact them later. 

Many Marketing experts estimate that a human will take at least 7 days to make a buying decisions, especially if they are buying from a website that they are not familiar with.  Capturing their email address will allowed you to build their trust by communicating with them further by making used of autoresponders.

There are many successful marketer who has used Mini Website to generate thousands and thousands of sales very month. 

One of the most important argument about creating a Mini Website is that you are creating a website to make money, not to provide free information for others. 

Therefore, a mini website purpose should only be to SELL.

Wishing you success in creating a money spinning Mini website.

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