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Creating an internet cash generating machine at home with the right online tools is very important as it can determine your success or failure. 

Why used Site Build It (SBI)?

SBI is more than just domain registration and hosting. 

They have all the tools integrated into their system that makes it possible for even a complete amateur (like me) to build, not just a site that no one ever visits, but a growing business. 

Helpful Tools

Their tools include brainstorming tools, block by block site building so you don't have to learn html, and all the other codes, a step-by-step action guide to take you through the entire process (both written and video - I love the video), world submitter that does the continual submissions to the search engines as needed automatically, an incredible forum (best I've ever been on), blog and ezine tools, form builder and autoresponders, etc... actually, I don't even know what all there is that is available as I am still a toddler at this. 

I do know that I am completely sold on the system because I use it and love it. It is well worth the price for about A DOLLAR a day.

They are helping everyday people who are not computer savvy to build online businesses every day. You may as well include the top of the line, best program on the subject. Some people want more than just a domain name. Give them what they are looking for - a real chance at success.

That's my two cents. 

Search Engine Traffics

Of course, your site concept is also important, the supply and demand, how long the site has been up, the number of inbound links, the amount of time and work has gone into it, etc... there are a lot of variables, but the key thing with SBI is that you are generating natural traffic rather than paid traffic.

I signed up with SBI in November for one of my Niche site. So, I have been working on that one for about 9 months. I have over 200 pages built. My visitors are gradually increasing each month. I started out with about 35 visits in November with just a couple of pages built. It increased each month, and this month I already have had over 6000 visits. I assume by the end of the month it will be over 7000 if the daily average continues.

My concept isn't even a really high demand concept. I have friends who get 1000+ visits every day after only a couple of months because they have higher demand keyword search terms as the focus of their content pages. I'm working on a second site that I predict will do much better than my first.

Real E-Business

Site Build It! is a very helpful tool that will assist you in your dream of building your own legitimate e-business. However, if you are looking for something that translates into fast money, then this is definitely not for you. Nonetheless, it can be a very important tool that will bring you to where the action and the money is.


As I said, SBI has all the right tools available, but you still have to provide the brains and motivation, and do the actual work they tell you to do. Some people have more time to spend each day/week on their online business than others. All factors must be considered, of course.

Visit Site Build It! - Learn How To Build a Real Money Making Site

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