Home Father Can Make Money From Online Writing Job

Those home father who can write can consider an online writer career. A writing jobs online mean making thousands of dollars each year in part-ime or full-time income. It can means quitting your  grueling day jobs and spending more time with family. If your main goal is to earn money, get financial freedom, pay off debt, save up for your children's college funds or just make some extra vacation money, then you might just be the perfect match for writing jobs online.

What Kind of Writing Jobs Online Pay the Most?

Associated Content is the Great Equalizer of online writing. Newbie writers as well as seasoned freelancers may all submit articles and make the same amount of money at Associated Content and benefit from a friendly, helpful, supportive writing community at the same time.

Associated Content pays between $2 and $5 for normal articles and between $10 and $25 for special assignments and featured contributor articles. 

Plus, Associated Content pays writers up to $2.00 for every 1,000 views the article receives. That might not sound like much, but once you get several hundred articles online, that money really starts to add up!

Are Writing Online Jobs Difficult to Learn?

There is hardly any learning curve to become an online writer. The essence of the matter is, the potential writer signs up (for free!) and is immediately accepted. In some cases, writers need a writing sample, or an exemplary article, as proof of their writing capability. Most companies just want to make sure the writer has a basic grasp of the English language and acceptable grammar.

Once you've been accepted into the writing jobs online community, you'll begin submitting articles and fulfilling writing assignments almost instantly. As soon as these are edited, you'll receive payment. In some cases, an editor will send the article back for a few changes. Once these changes are accepted, you'll be paid. It's that simple!

Do You Have to Commit to Writing Jobs Online Long-Term?

As an online writer, you'll never have to commit to anything. Your only commitments come when you claim an article assignment with a deadline. If you find you cannot complete the assignment for some reason, you can always unclaim it.

How Much Money Can I Make at Writing Jobs Online?

Many writers make between $1000 and $3000 each month writing online. That's $12,000 to $36,000 each year! Essentially, this is solid part-time or full-time income. If you don't have a job now, you can make writing jobs online your full-time job. If you have a part-time job, you can still make several thousand dollars each year.

If you have a full-time job, you're not out in the cold. You can still write articles in your free time. Many people make a couple hundred dollars each month while still working full-time. You can write at night, early in the morning, on break or on the weekends. This helps pay for grocery bills, insurance, college funds and even vacation money.

The possibilities are endless when becoming a writer at writing jobs online. The earning potential is completely up to you and how much time your schedule allows for writing each week.

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