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How To Make Money Online

Many Dad who are new to making money online like to ask; "What is the best way for someone to make money at home?"

There are too many new make money opportunities from home. I would suggestion you figure out what you like to do first. 

- What is your education for online situations? 
- What is our budget? 

Do you get the idea? Then you can start your reading research. Always do your research first before parting with any money at all. 

Are you looking for a job or a home business? 

There are hundreds, no thousands, of ways to work at home. There is a huge difference. With a job, you are an employee who happens to work at home. You'll receive a regular pay check. With a home business, you own it; you will be your own boss with no guarantees regarding income. (Don't believe those who say they guarantee such-and-such income in a short time.)

Search the entire Internet. Do your homework! If you find a company that appeal to you, research them carefully, not just on that company's website. Check 3rd party sites to see what others say about the company. 

Do not rely simply on BBB. Not all good companies are on BBB, and not all companies on BBB are really good.

I believe that unless you feel passionate about the service or product of a home business, you will not be successful. If you decide to join a network marketing company that you've carefully researched, don't just "give it a try." If you are not certain you can succeed with that company, you won't. 

Those who join such companies with confidence that they will succeed - not overnight - they will. Don't expect quick results. Like any business - a nail salon, a restaurant or a retail store - it will take time to grow & build your business. If someone promises you otherwise, run the other way!

Ways For Dad To Make Money At Home

Now, there are many ways to make money at home and it all depends on your interests. Here's a list of things that you can do to earn extra income from home:

1. Obtain an online job - Companies such as U-haul, Verizon, American Express, and Dell offer home based employment opportunities in a variety of fields.
2. Offer services on Peoplestox or Fiverr - These websites allow you to offer remote services online in exchange for cash.
3. Sell items on Ecrater, Ebay, or other similar sites.
4. Participate in online survey opportunities - A lot of them are a waste of time but I would recommend Mindfield Online, Survey Savvy, and Pinecone Research because they offer cash incentives for each completed survey.
5. Create a Blog and monetize it with Google Adsense, and affiliate products.
6. Create an online garage sale on Facebook using the "Garage Sale" app.
7. Join the Mylikes community - Mylikes pays individuals to like things on Facebook and share advertisements on Twitter.
8. Write articles for Associated Content and other sites that pay for article writers.
9. Answer questions on Web Answers - It is an Adsense revenue sharing site that pays individuals to ask and answer questions for money.
10. Write reviews for Review Stream - This site pays individuals to write reviews for extra money.

And lastly, once you have decided, stay driven. Success won't come overnight, but it will come. Work hard and keep your goals in mind and you should at some point see great results! 

I wish you great success with whatever you choose.

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