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As father at home, we all have different kind of hobbies.  There are things we like to do, things that make us tick. For example for my wife, it's being creative; specifically - she like to sew. And she is a people-person, so she will always be on the hunt for the next best way to market her creations.
Finding out what is it you can do day and night that won't burn you out. 

For example, initially, you may think that making jewelry all day would suit you just fine, only to find out after sitting down busting out 10 custom orders has suddenly turned your fun hobby into a nightmare. Really narrow down your interest(s) and focus on making THAT your main gig.
Perfecting craft. 

Find out and go to where they are selling what you like to make. Buy different samples and take them apart to see how they're made, what they're made of and take notice of what you might use in your own designs or what you would change. Go home and make patterns. Be unique. Try to make things that haven't been seen before, to set your creations apart. If there are any online tutorials about your hobby, read, read, read 'em! Get good at what you make! Think about your price point and the relation to the quality of your work.
Getting online. 

Study the steps for getting into your online home business.  Learn to post your stuff on Etsy. Post also on eBay. Make a website for nothing - or next to nothing - simply by Google-ing "free website". Make a blog for free on Blogger. Create a Facebook page. Each link can be posted to each place to promote the different places for potential customers to find your stuff.
Promoting items. 

Inform everyone via e-mail, online networking, through an online newsletter and learn more about the internet marketing plan mix. Tell your coffee buddies to forward your links to their contacts. Promote, promote and keep promoting. It can take some doing, but people will catch on if you have something worth offering! Offer referral discounts - but be sure not to give away all your profits! Hold at-home parties, targeting your specific audience. Make it fun! Find a local craft fair or ask girlfriends if they'd like to have a party.
Keep creating and listing. 

Probably this is the single-handed most important tip of all! Don't worry about who's going to buy your stuff, or how many people haven't logged into your site today. They'll come if you keep offering more! The more you have listed for sale online, the more links there will be for people to find.
Be patient. 

The Roman empire wasn't built in a day, was it now? No.  Just get started and keep thinking and moving forward.

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