Dedicate Yourself To What You Feel Passionate About
To be successful in your online business, you got to dedicate yourself to what you feel passionate about.  Starting an internet business is going to be a long-term investment of your time and knowledge.  Working daily on something you love will definitely helps as you are probably enjoying it when your business is in the infant stage and it is likely that you won't earn a single cent.

Where should a person start in order to be successful? 

Keep Trying

The answer is easy: Try as many things as you can, then pursue the one (or two, or three) about which you're passionate. I became successful in investing because this is what I enjoyed most. But if you love cooking, open up your own restaurant. Learn to dance if that is your forte. Become a gardener if that is your passion. Maybe someday you might want to open a chain of gardening shops. The quickest way to success is to do what you like and give it your best.

Research and Learn

For me, my love for investing was linked to my fascination with researching and learning in detail what was happening in different parts of the world. As a student, even as far back as grammar school, I loved to learn about other countries, including their history. On Wall Street, I realized that people would actually pay money for such knowledge; for example, that the price of copper would rise because a revolution was coming in Chile.

Do What You Love

The least-happy people I know are those stuck in jobs they don't love; many because they can't imagine giving up a pay check. In elementary school, I had a teacher named Mrs. Martin, who brought to life every subject she taught. She always seemed happy and excited to see us. This was in a rural town in a state with the lowest teachers' salaries in the whole country! I've rarely met someone so happy and so dedicated as Mrs. Martin, and she clearly received a great deal of satisfaction from her job.


Even early on, I would have worked for free had I been able to afford it. People who follow their passions do not “go to work.” They get up each day and cannot wait to have more fun doing what they love to do. I'm an investor. If I'd tried to do something else, like becoming a doctor, or a fashion designer, or who knows what, my life wouldn't have turned out nearly as well. (Especially if I'd chosen fashion design. Even now I never know which colours go together; thank goodness for your mother.) That is why I say it is best to start with something that interests you and that you truly enjoy. Even if you don't become wealthy pursuing your passions, you will be rich in satisfaction. Plus, you'll be happy. You can't put a price on that.

Contributed by:
Jim Rogers 
A Gift to My Children: A Father's Lessons for Life and Investing

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