Good eBook Cover Can Means Good Sales

The biggest secret about the way people make they purchase is that we are visual creatures. We think in terms of pictures, not in words. If you don't include any cover image for your e-book, even though you are selling something that is virtual, your customer may not fully grasp what you are trying to sell. Even worse, they will not have the confident to make a purchase, because you won't be able to show them the value of your information.

Ebooks consist of information that are digital products which are instantly downloaded by the consumer. There is no real physical book to see and hold or feel in the store. However, we human are those very visual type of creatures that usually need to see a product before we can make an educated buying decision. Continue to read on to find out what makes a good ebook cover.

The very first thing that you ought to do is to get a high-quality information product cover program or have an outside person make one for you. Past few years ago, it was definately alright to have a cheap-looking cover to represent your book. However, those good old days are over. Today, you need to have a great design cover that looks like something the customer would pull off the shelf in a store.

Keep in mind that your customer is a visual being. Develop and designing a cover that has images of the things that are inside the book. If the ebook contents are about real estate, don't have a cute bunny, show a house. If the e-book is about weight loss, show a person before and after picture.

Get yourself into a bookstore, or look on your shelf at home for hard-cover books that stand out. The e-book cover should be 3-dimensional and should look like a book from the store. Yes, you can take some liberties with lighting and different cover types, but you need to remember that your customer is looking at that image and judging the quality of your product from it. If your e-book cover looks like a sixth grader made it, then your customer might think the book will read the same way.

The quality of these covers is also a reflection on your business as a whole. You can either show that you are a professional or an amateur. Look at the e-book covers from the people that are already doing it. Do not copy their covers directly, but try to get the same feeling in your covers.

Make sure that your cover does not look ragged when your increase the size for your web page. This is where a high quality program comes in, and is definitely worth the investment. If you create a cover that is too small, it will look very amateurish when you blow it up for your page. Take the time to make your covers unique and professional and it will definitely add to your bottom sales line. People are visual and e-book covers are just the right remedy for the digital world of information sales.

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