Ebooks Are Great For You To Generate Leads

E-books will be part of the new frontier of marketing in cyberspace. Everyday, the internet is accessed by a huge number of people and this increases the potential exposure of your e-book to constantly more and more searchers. It's obvious why electronic self-publishing as a resource or tool has become so popular so quickly.

Ebooks can be a great way for you to generate leads for your business. The following are ways on how you can do that.

Make it interesting. 

Yes, this is crucial. If write an ebook that is boring, you will generate leads however, your leads will not convert into customers and so your ebook will not do the job you created it to do.

Make it to a very specific niche. 

Never be general.  The more specific and targeted your ebook, the more likely you are to generate leads from it. Make sure that the niche you choose is one that is proven to express high interest in your products or business opportunity.

Stay in touch with people.
You need to stay in touch with those who downloaded your ebook.  This is why it is a good idea to require people to subscribe to your email list in order to get your ebook. You can also include a strong call to action on a page in your ebook inviting people to contact you.

Offer value

There will be more people that will be converted to leads if the value in your ebook is very high than if it is just a bunch of old rehashed information that everyone already knows about or if it is boring or useless.

Give people many ways for it to be shared. 

Some ways to do this include encouraging sharing by inviting people to do so on a page inside the ebook, giving people a free bonus in exchange for sharing your ebook with three or more people, and asking people to reTweet your ebook link when sharing on Twitter.

Offer portions of your ebook in an ecourse series. 

Do consider chopping up your ebook into chapters and giving people the option of reading a part of it at a time over the course of several days. This makes it easier for people to digest.

Have updates periodically. 

Updates can encourage people to reconnect with you and to recontact you, it can also increase rapport since it is rare for people to offer free updates to anything and especially something that was free to begin with.

Most important, have fun generating leads.

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