Creating Products Faster Than Your Speed Of Thought

When you are creating a product or a sales page, do not spend too much time on it.   If you are spending too much time in analyzing, you might end up stepping on your own toes.   These are just some reasons why people fail to create a product. 

People spend way too much time in creating their perfect product. They always strive to be perfect when there is no need to. When it comes to creating product, I can create products really fast. According to all of my customers I do create quality products.

From my experience... there are just some reasons why people fail to create a product. This is what happens when anyone comes into internet marketing.

  • Most people don't even start.
  • If they do, They don't have faith in their abilities.
  • If they do have some faith, they do not go follow the plan completely.
  • If they do and still fail, they quit.
  • If they don't quit and still march on forward. They'll get their first success and then again it soon becomes habit. 
If you are creating a product or a sales page, You should not spend much time on it. If you are spending too much time in analyzing then you might end up stepping on your own toes. Let me show you what I meant with that...

Do you believe if I tell you, I wrote my last blogging ebook in about 45 minutes and it took me Only 2 hrs to proof read... I was selling this product in 4 hrs after it's creation.

I wrote another ebook of mine, which I finished in little over 1 hr. and its not in marketing niche. Again after a little bit of proof reading it was ready to sell.

I recently wrote 12 page report for someone in 2 days

I created 3 different name squeeze page(for testing purposes) for myself in about half an hour.

It takes me about 1/2 an to create a good content blog and I explained that in my ebook.

From my own experience people are not as confident as they should be. They might even be best knowledgeable in their niche but will hesitate in writing just because of confidence issue.

Somebody said this on forum one day...

If someone was advertising some kind of Internet Marketing e-book and their ad said they made it in two days, I know I wouldn't buy it.

I feel Sorry if that person feels that way. Anyone who bought my Blogging E-book can vouch for the quality of what I wrote in less than 1 hr. Its that I just didn't have confidence to sell it...

I was worried how people will react? I was worried if people will like the way I talk or write? There was too many 'I was worried' in my head...

Iron Rule : You do not need to worry about the time spent, if you are giving away good content.

Now today I don't worry at all. And I create reports and e-books with my eyes closed.

My Simple Steps on How to create the best information products to sell fast.

  • Find a Hungry Market 
  • Find a Need. 
  • Research On the Need. 
  • Write down whatever you can think of that topic.
  • Proof read only when you are finished. 
Let me say that again. You do not have to be perfect. You just have to be out there and selling. Get your product out and then you can spend your time selling and tweaking as much as you want. That is the product creation secret.

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