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Have you been procrastinating on writing your ebook? Whatever your reasons for putting it off, here's a way you can start writing today, no matter how little time you have.

You Can Write Your Ebook in 20 Minutes a Day

Yes, it's possible to write your ebook in just 20 minutes a day, and shortly I'll show you how.

Firstly, let's build your motivation.

Ebooks are hugely popular online, and many people have started million-dollar home businesses based on ebooks. There's a hunger for instant information; if you can supply what buyers want, any ebook you write will be successful.

Make a list of the benefits writing your ebook would bring you. Chances are your ebook will change your life. That's worth the investment of just 20 minutes a day. Please don't continue reading until you've made the list of benefits.

All done? OK.

Next, choose a topic for your ebook if you haven't already done so. Are you passionate about this topic? You'll be spending a couple of months thinking about this topic every day, so choose a topic you enjoy. Write down your topic.

Next, write a working title for your ebook. The working title conveys the ebook's benefits in a short sentence.

For example:

* "Make Money With Your Digital Camera Fast in Just Seven Days"

* "Lose 10 Pounds in Ten Days - The Fast Fat Loss Diet that Works"

Your working title makes a promise to the reader. You may change the title later, but it's essential that you write a title with a promise, because the title will keep you on track as you write.

Now you have your title, make a list of benefits your ebook will give your readers. Yes, just as you wrote a lists of YOUR benefits in writing your ebook. Make the list of benefits as long as you can. Later, you'll be using this list of benefits to help you to write the sales page for your ebook. Aim for at least ten benefits.

For example, the benefits of losing weight for the reader of the "Fat Loss" ebook would be: pride, self confidence, improved health, more energy, and so on. Put yourself in the reader's mind set, and think from the reader's point of view. When you've finished your list of benefits, put your notes away. Tomorrow, you can write a list of chapter titles for your ebook.

You Can Write a Page in 20 Minutes a Day - and You Can Do It Anywhere

You'll write your ebook in just 20 minutes a day. In 20 minutes, you can write one page. You'll finish your ebook in two to three months, or even sooner. You have your title which makes a promise, the list of benefits for your reader, and your chapter titles. You've made a great start.

Happy writing! I know you can do it. When you're tempted to miss your daily writing session, take out your list of benefits to you in writing your ebook to rebuild your motivation.

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