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Traditional book stores are going down one at a time.  Digital books have taken over by storm every since the ipad and kindle reading device become popular.  You must be wondering how to sell any Kindle books since it is the popular reading tools now? 

Today, the objective of this article is to let you how to turn the existing documents you have made electronically into Kindle ebook for self publishing.  Once it is converted, you can then sell it on the Kindle Store on Amazon which can be done without an ISBN. Technology have allow writers to sponsor themselves, beside being able to make a lot more money, they can also become publishers by themselves by letting people to upload things using a free account of Amazon Digital Platform, and those aforementioned writers can do this with the help of Kindle. 

The following are the instructions steps to convert into Kindle ebook for self publishing:

1. Connect online and then go to the official website of Amazon's Digital Text Platform. Begin by creating an account (if you do not already have one). During the whole process of online registration, you'll need to give them your bank account information, a valid email address for contact, as well as your home/physical address (whatever you want to call it). Amazon has also effectively and efficiently made it so that their customers can get a sample of your work, a free one.

2. The next step is to log-in to your Dashboard, and click "Add New Item" under the "My Shell" tab. Once there, start publishing your stuff. Get your book details ready as you will need to enter them, such as the name, series volume number (if the book you're publishing is part of a series); as well, you will need to prepare an ecover graphic as your front cover book along with a description of the book that is rich with words.

3. After you enter the next screen after saving the abovementioned one, you'll be sent to where you will upload and preview your book from your computer (the file). If you notice, the screen display you're on in this step will be indicating that the book is still being published and it is not live yet to the consumers yet. Save your work.

4. Next on the line the kindle ebook self publishing tips is setting the Pricing. This pricing decision is almost entirely up to you; Amazon only demands that you set a price that is actually consistent with the retail price for the book on other store. After setting your pricing, get your book into "Live" mode by clicking "Publish". Once click, do note that your book can take up to forty-eight hours to become accessible in the Kindle store. If you have your own blog or website, start by adding links to the book in the Kindle store.

Upon completion of the whole Kindle ebook self publishing process, remember that the document that you published has to have a cover-page with the book's title, your name, your email address, and your email address. Don't forget to add a copyright notice in there somewhere. It will be a good idea to modify your graphics for the book for Kindle; Kindle's pages are in shades of gray.

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