Sources of Information Around You

The number one best source of digital ebook ideas comes from your own life. Frequently, you know somebody who has solved a problem in a way that others would gladly pay to hear about. Because you know them, they can be a fantastic source of advice, information and even write or be the 'face' of your ebook.
The idea here is to think about someone you know well, and ask questions about them. 

Questions can be like these:
- What type of problems have they solved?
- What kind of successes have they had?
- What are the goals have they achieved?

Consider looking into topics like business, relationships, health and fitness. These are all fantastic markets.
Don't simply ignore those unsolved problems or unachievable goals. An unsolved problem or unachievable goal that you or somebody you know has can turn out to be a goldmine.
Why not start researching on a solution and write an ebook with that solution? Straight away you have an extra motivation to get the product done and a personal story to tell in your sales copy. Not to mention if you would pay for a solution there's a pretty good chance someone else will too.
Search Engine
The second great source of ideas is our good friend the internet search engine called There are an endless number of websites out there to inspire you.
Book sites like Amazon are fantastic knowledge place. Chances are if there isn't already a book written about a topic, there is no market for it. Go through those categories one-by-one.
Don't be shy to enter phrases like 'embarrassing problems' into a search engine. Those are exactly the kind of problems people like to use the anonymity of the Internet to solve.
Read and look around on social networking sites to see what people are talking about. What are the hot topics on twitter? Facebook groups? Popular stories on Digg?
There are endless ways of possibilities. Put your web surfing skills to good use.
The third never ending source of ideas is to get in the habit of coming up with them while going about your daily business. Frequent practising of doing this and it will become second nature. You'll start seeing ideas everywhere and come up with ideas in areas you never dreamed you would.
- People you regularly see and mixed with.
Next time when you are standing in line or in a queue, choose a random person. Ask yourself - what would this person buy? What problems might they need solving?

- Objects that you own or see lying around your surrounding.
Where is the market on that? What problem does it solve?
- Daytime TV.
What are being advertised and to who?
- Infomercials.
What is being advertised and to who?
- Conversations
The more you practice the above mentioned brainstorming, the easier it gets everyday.

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