Establishing Your Expertise

To be an expert in your niche you must immerse yourself and then you will never run out of relevant information to share. Itís easy when you approach it like this. As you develop and discover, you in turn help your followers to do the same. We learn better by teaching so itís a real win-win.

- Pop into your Twitter application and Facebook to see who has been commenting on, or replying to your updates. I recommend doing this twice a day. More than that and you will probably be spending too much time away from your core business activities.

- Ensure your capture page link figures prominently on your profiles in your bio or information section.

- Tweet intriguing questions or tips and include a direct link to your special report, video, or latest blog post, which will either answer the question or give them more tips. It must be relevant and value based.

- Tweet about the highlights not the lowlights of your day.

Itís easy to forget that if you have your Tweets linked to other social sites (I do recommend this unless you are doing hundreds of tweets per day) you may very well be generating conversations at the other sites you link to, so remember to check in with those every so often too.

This is truly wonderful and serves as a perfect example of time leverage. Youíre not even there, and potential clients and customers can be over on your profile reading about you and joining your mailing list or database.

This increases the synergy between you and your followers, builds the relationship of trust, and of course points them to the information to put them in the right mindset to do business with you.

You can position yourself very quickly as an expert in your niche, or if that seems too grand for you now, as an authority in your niche.

Even if you just started your business today you can already make the decision to be a serious professional, so from day one you must use social media responsibly because people will be watching you.

Social networking is an art. The great news is that you can get better at it as you practise so donít be fazed by that. As youíre reading this, youíre already committed to your personal development so all you need to do to be successful with social media is to take the high points of each day and turn them into several useful tweets or updates.

Donít let a day pass without doing this. Even if you donít work on a Saturday or Sunday, you can still do a couple of non work-related updates. Tweet about your gratitude for a wonderful day with your family or tweet something inspiring about what you are doing that day.

You can send out your special report link too, as many of your prospects will have more free time to download and read it at the weekend. This can be scheduled in advance to go out over the weekend or holidays.

You donít even need to go near your computer if you get connected with a smart phone.

Iím going to give you a tip right now that will save you lots of time and make it very easy to promote your business more directly.

Many people will click on your website link as long as itís displayed prominently on your profiles with a compelling tag line or call to action, but to speed things along you can also be more proactive. As soon as you start tweeting, begin to keep a Ďswipe fileí or notepad of your best promotional tweets.

Donít tweet business links more than a couple of times a day, but as long as you are giving out good stuff with no links most of the time, you can share your business links some of the time.

As I mentioned already I use an 80/20 formula so 80% tweeting inspirational, social or relevant tips for my target market and 20% promotional links to my business programmes or products.

Keep a copy of your favourite and most effective tweets and re-use them and improve upon them over time. Youíll soon see by the results you get and you can also track the click response with Hootsuite or other Twitter tools for a more accurate test.

This works best when youíre promoting an Ďevergreení programme or product, meaning that it doesnít change often and is one of your core services or products.

Itís a great way for getting new people started as affiliates for your product or joint venture partners in your business. As long as you explain to them how the 80/20 rule works theyíll be good to go and can personalise your tweets by adding on their own affiliate website link instead of yours. 

Written by Rachel Henke
Harness the power of the internet to attract perfect clients, publicity and opportunities

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