Finding The Reasons To Blog

Blogging takes time and commitment, if you are just doing it short-term for the experience that is fine.  However, if you are doing it to supplement your income and wish to become a full-time blogger, that will be a different story.  Many individuals main motivation is making money as they enter the blogging industries.  For others, their main motivation is to help or serve other in the internet community.  Neither is right or wrong as long as your motivation can remain strong because in the long-run, you need to maintain a constant flow of blog content in order to attract readers and keep them coming back for more.

What my intention here is to share with you the different reasons or motivation behind many successful bloggers so that you will not be in the group where blogger fail To succeed.

Helping Others

Providing useful service to others is one of the most important criteria of successful bloggers who have make money from blogging.  Writing useful content that helps to solve problems in your niche area is good intentions.  Expert bloggers normally do well in attracting large and loyal followers and they are likely to succeed in making online money once they can get at least a hundred unique visitors daily.

Sharing Experience

All of us have unique life experience and you can start a blog to share it.   Readers will be entertained by what you share and it will be relatively easy for you to maintain.  You are like a celebrity and you need to come out with ideas to do new things which you can share.  This kind of entertainment blogging come well with photos which you have taken as it can make your blog post more interesting.


Sharing your interest or personal passion with like minded individuals around the globe can be enjoyable and a self gratifying experience!  People with the same hobby around the world would enjoy your blog post and they could become your internet friends.  If the visitors like the quality of your hobby posts, they would be appreciative and are likely to become your long loyal readers.


Offering your insights to a current topic can be thought provoking.  This kind of blog are consider mind taxing and for people who like to stretch their thinking which they feel are invigorating and an enjoyable experience.  You can even stir their interest by offering perspective which they have not considered before. 

Uplifting Life

If you are good at motivating others or always finding the best in others, you could help them realize their full potential.  You can help them boost their self-esteem by writing about how you or others overcome their failing experience.  When you motivate others, in return, you will also experience an uplifting feeling as people around you feel more confident and capable.  It is a win-win blogging strategy.


As you can see, the journey for writing blog for cash can be long and tedious if you do not choose what you love to do.  Writing good contents consistently is the tough part and you need to have a strong purpose to do it successfully.  It is of utmost important if your intention is to become a full-time blogger.  So, stir your strongest motivation within you when you blog.

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