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Be careful about buying links to increase your page rank.  I bought some links a few months ago and set the anchor text to two different keywords. Worked like a charm for those keywords until a couple days ago when they fell 30+ ranks. Both keywords at the exactly same time. I cannot find any other keywords that dropped in rank - only the two that I bought links for.

I have always been one to believe that inbound links can't hurt you to prevent competitors from hurting you. But it's weird that only these keywords with anchor text links from different sites both dropped on the same day and by essentially the same amount.

This experience proves one thing, that is Google recognizes 'patterns' in linkage.  Therefore to do so, it must have time to see a complete pattern.  When it finds one that appears to be a manipulation practice it basically removes these as 'weighting criteria' for ranks.   Since "only" those anchors were affected,  it perfectly described this pattern identification process.

Now my site is back 'likely' to where it should have been without any manipulation involved and it still get the traffic from the links, so hopefully that was a factor in my decision to purchase as that is what I got left.

The "trust penalty" is on the other website, so I just got to start getting innovative to find better avenues for acquiring links of trust and save the money.

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