How to Check whether an Internet Home Based Business Opportunity is a SCAM

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Whether you believe or not, the number of people who get scam in an Internet Home-Based Business Opportunity is much lesser than those from a bricks and mortar or what you called the traditional business.

Many people get conned off their deposits from their rentals of shop space or purchasing of physical goods that they have paid for from the so called traditional business.  The only difference is that traditional business scam are usually not reported unlike the Internet Business where people are more Internet Savvy and will start posting in forums or blog to inform others so that less people will be scam by the same method.  That's the POWER of the Internet.

In an Internet Home-Based Business Opportunity, you won't get conned off your hard earn money with some COMMON SENSE.

First, ignore any Business Opportunity that requires you to pay immediately upon joining.  You only PAY when you need to purchase a USEFUL Services or Products.   All Internet Business Opportunity should be FREE to join as Legitimate Companies will NOT be AFRAID to give you time to CHECK on them.

Normally, for any Internet Home-Based Business Opportunity I TRIED, I will first JOIN for FREE and then evaluate their business website and support system, services and products.   Next, my favorite site where I used to check whether the Internet Business is Legitimate or not is the Better Business Bureau ( which is an organizations which is well known and has been a reliable source for checking out over 2 million businesses for many people.

For those who want more checks before they feel better and safe, you can do so with these website:

1) The Internet Trade Bureau ( which was formed to offer business site reviews, tracking of consumer complaints and to assist consumers to promote fair business practices on the Internet.

2) The Scam buster not the Ghost Buster ( which claims to be the top information website to publish about Internet Scam and Fraud.

3) The Federal Trade Commission ( which allows you check on your legal rights and for you to check on consumer frauds and complaints.

4) The Scam Watch ( which covers all sorts of scams from financial and investment scams such as pyramid schemes to miracle cures and instant weight loss treatments.

As you can see, there are more than enough resources available on the Internet to help you check on any Internet Home-Based Business Opportunity.

Even without these Internet Resources, your COMMON SENSE will tell you that a partnership with a Large Company is much better as they are less likely to Scam you and run away with your Commissions.

Wishing you success in finding your Scam Free Internet Home-Based Business Opportunity.

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