If You Wish To Succeed In Business

For those who wish to start a business, you just got to have faith in yourself, establish your expertise and push yourself into the water even if you do not know how to swim.  Once you are in the water, you will struggle and find ways to keep yourself alive.  Stop searching for secret as there are none as you just got to go in and keep motivating yourself to succeed in your chosen business.

So, here are some guidelines for you if you wish to succeed in your business.

1) Go and start a business. Any business. If it fails, start another.

2) If you want to learn, (and you need to on a near daily basis) look up classes, or weekend workshops for whatever skill or info you are looking for.

3) Learn to be discerning about people who you learn from. Find them. Track them down, ask high quality questions and then act on it.

4) DO IT. Whatever needs to be done, don't think about it; don't worry forever about it, JUST DO IT. Regardless what others say, failure is the best lesson, and 1 good failure is worth 10,000 opinions from other people. Ignore those nay Sayers, they are not you, so get over whatever they say, they just don't know.

5) Take action. Every day, towards your goals. Get out of the chair get off the couch. Get it done.

6) If you have an xbox, a ps3 or if you do pc games. Kill it for the next few years. Seriously give that shit away and read instead.

7) Discover your why. Why the hell do you want to work that hard to make money? Its 2-10x harder than a job. Why work so hard? If you don't have a good why. FIND IT and use it as leverage on yourself to get shit done.

8) If you need someone to kick your ass to get shit done, pay them.  Give 10 checks for 100 buck each to someone, and then promise to get it done or they get to cash the check. Believe me that have worked for years.

9) Do it. Get the shit done.

10) Don't be a pussy. Stop being afraid. Quit surfing around. What the hell are you afraid of? GO and DO IT. Do things that scare the shit out of you. Do massive things. Make big plans and then push past them.

11) You will learn on the way. You don't need to know everything right now. You just need to find someone who needs something, and go get it for them.

12) You are seriously not too good to make coffee, fetch things, or do shit work. That's part of the price you pay of not having money get over yourself.

13) Help people for free. Help those that are in a position to pay you well, and do it for free. It will come back to you in ways you never would have imagined, SERIOUSLY.

14) Lap and the net will appear. Sometimes the net will look a lot like the ground. That's ok; itís there to break your fall. 

15) You will fail, you will suck, and it will take a while for that shit to stop happening on a regular basis. TRUST THAT THIS IS TRUE and life will be easier for you. (The upside is, at some point you stop sucking, and start really shining!

16) Ignore your friends, they will go out and get jobs, get nicer cars, go out partying and shit like that. The parties they do now will be epic for them later, when all they have is the memory of the parties, and the mortgages they pay. While you will be able to party for the rest of your life, with no mortgage, if you just learn to not suck. :)

17) They say it takes 10,000 hrs. To really master something. Focus on that, and FOCUS mastering something and NO, itís not call of duty or the latest assassinís creed.

18) Learn to network with the best and brightest people in the world, and you will have all the resources you ever need only a phone call away.

19) Hire people smarter than you, and fire yourself as fast as possible.

20) Make your "list" of must have skills then focus on getting them. Take a class, take a weekend seminar, watch YouTube vids on the topic, look up open source education, and learn stuff. Learn how to learn. You will never be behind if you do that.

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