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You may be wondering why information ebook selling is fast becoming a growing business on the net.  Why would someone pay another person for a digital product which cannot be touch or feel except via reading it.  With plenty of free information available on the net with a press of a single search button, is there really money to be made starting an e-business selling information product?

Free and Paid Information

The answers to that question is quite simple, that is free info and paid info cannot never be the same.  Yes, it is true that there are many sites providing free ebooks, software, videos or podcasting etc. for you to download.  Many a time, they just need you to subscribe with a valid email address to get those freebies.  However, there is a loop hole in all these free information.  It is the quality of the digital product being provided.

Most of these free information you get are often incomplete as compare with a paid version.  You'll always find some important info missing from many of the freely available data.  If you have ever tried searching for a particular topics, you would know what I mean.  At time, you can search for many weeks and still unable to find the info that you need.  The web is like a deep sea.  Finding organized and really useful up-to-date info requires time and patience.

Paid Version

Unless you don't have any deadlines, many people rather pay for information that are organized and truly research by the author in order to save time. Time is equal to money.  If the paid version can solve your problem and get you the result you need, it is definitely worth the price. 

Free Version

Now, coming back to the freely available info.  Most of them are quite concise as very few people are willing to share all their research data with everyone on the net.  Unless it is sponsor by the government, no individual with a right mind will do something for nothing.  Quality data needs time and effort to accumulate.  Just asked yourself, if you have acquired precious expert experience, would you write an ebook and share it freely with everyone.  You are going to gain nothing except getting more competition for doing that. 


That is the reason why most of the data you found on the net will be incomplete.  Most ebook author only release partially their research data as samples for you to read.  To get the complete information, you often have to get the paid version.  That is the reason why starting an ebusiness selling info products will remains a trade that will never die.

So, start packaging your expert knowledge today into digital form and sell it on the web for additional passive income.

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