Legitimate Business Ideas for Mothers and Students

Creating a profitable online business is possible for anyone as long as they have the right attitude, skills and willing to take action.  Skills can be learned as courses are always available locally or even online.  Students or mothers who are willing to take action on their money making ideas can pave their way to a profitable home business.

Knowing where to compete improve your success rate and after doing some research, here are some scam-free home business ideas which are suitable for both students and mothers.


If you love to write or are good at it, then you can start a website to sell your writing skills.  You can easily conquer the internet world as it is basically made up of written materials.  You can sell your writing skill on site like fiverr.com or elance.com

Besides writing for others, you can even write your own ebook and sell it online and become a writing entrepreneur.  You can sell your own easily using services like paypal.com where you pay a small commission to them when there is a sale.  If you would like to recruit online sales team often known as affiliates to sell your ebook, then you can make use of site like clickbank.com and pay a commission when your affiliates make a sale for you.


If you are already University students, then you are likely to be an expert when it comes to writing papers.  For those who are good at grammar rules, you can sell your editing services online and earn money.

For students, selling your writing or editing skills is a double win as you can earn some pocket money and at the same time improve your writing or editing skills.

Craft Business

Women’s like to do craft work and if you happened to be an artistic kind of person, then it is time for you to showcase your talent and earn money from home at the same time.  You can sell your crafts on eBay and promote your craft through social media like FaceBook.

Fitness Trainer

This is home-based business idea is great for mothers or students who like yoga or pilates.  Everyone wants to be healthy and training people how to be fit is a viable business.  Get yourself certified and you can start by training your friends and clients through home visits.  You can also post some of your training session on youtube.com for advertisement.  Who knows, if your video become popular, you can earn extra money from YouTube too.


Think about the hobby you have and see if can be turn into a business.  Hobbies like photography, cake decorating, pastry making, creating scrapbooks and gift basket making are some examples of viable home business ideas.  When you turn your hobbies into a business, then you are earning money and enjoying yourself at the same time.

Babysitter Service

As the cost of living increases, many families are now double income earners.  When a baby joins their family, then they will need a babysitter while they are at work.

Pets Caring Service

Many families have pets and when they went for holidays, they will need someone to take care of their precious pets.  This business is great for pet’s lovers.  For students, you can get your homework done and for mothers you can get your housework done while taking care of the pets.

Online Teacher

Do you like to teach?  Home tuition is a great business for University students or mothers.  You can earn pocket money and help others at the same time.  Choose a subject that you love and start teaching.

Travel Planner

This business idea is great for those who loved planning their own travel rather than buying the off the shelf travelling package.  Why not make use of your travelling planning skill to customize travel plans and itineraries for other people.  Overtime, it may turn into a big and profitable money making venture.


Our mind is our limit.  Think and you can grow rich with any legitimate home-based business ideas that you may have.  Most importantly, take that first step out.

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