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Do you know why there are many automated money making websites that don't earn any income for their owners? 

The concept for owing an automatic money making website is simple.  It is professionally design and it is ready to collect money for you once you pay up the monthly fees.  However, it LACK the MOST important components and that is "WEB TRAFFICS". 

Please don't be mistaken, these automated cash generating machine you purchase are legitimate.  However, the problems with these purchased instant money making machine is that it all look the same.  Therefore, getting traffics from the natural search engine such as google is difficult.  The only traffics you could get are purchase traffics from those pay per click search engine such as Google Adwords (http://adwords.google.com).

Many web newbies do not know that google filter websites from their search result.  One major characteristics of spamming websites is that:

- they are less than 1 year old, 
- their contents are similar,
- the majority came from the same web host etc.

Search engine expert call it the Google sandbox.  Google sandbox put all those young and suspected spamming websites until they are cleared that they are clean and legitimate.

So, now come some important questions:

- How long will it take to get out of the sandbox?
- How do I know if I am in the sandbox?
- It's been 9 months and I am still in the sandbox, why?
- The list goes on and on...

New web owners should start thinking in terms of a search engine... Why should your site rank for a given keyword when there are many other sites who have been in the Google index for much longer than you and offer as much content (if not similar) as you?

So there is the need to prove to Google that your site deserves the credit to be ranked and has the authority on a given subject. How do you get this credit? Through good quality links!

Think of it this way... a new restaurant has just opened up, how does he get his clients when he has to compete with many other well established restaurants? Someone named Google comes along and is feeling kinda hungry... He hears of this new restaurant but would rather eat at this other restaurant because many people have recommended him to go there. For this new restaurant to get Google to come in and have a bite, he needs to create some trust and get some word of mouth happening... so he does, by advertising his restaurant in food magazines etc. etc. etc. until one day Google decides to pay him a visit and give him credit for his good food.

The same concept applies with a search engine. Remember, good quality links count as votes... which in turn gives you validation and credit... and this is what gives Google a good enough reason to rank your site. 

I have seen brand new sites after 2 months of being launched, have started to rank quite well in Google and generate a profit. These sites carried various link building campaigns that focused on getting good quality links and "word of mouth" happening.

So to answer the so called "sandbox", you can get your site ranking a lot quicker than you think. Work on good quality links and unique website content... then get some validation for it.

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