Make a Passive Income With An Online Home Business

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Yes, making a passive income from an online home business is a matter of priority.

Many people, do not put it as a priority and never cash in on the internet passive money. (I will restrict this to the middle income group).
Looking at my friends, my observation is that those who are financially sound are those that has invested time to further their financial literacy through investing or owing their own business off-line or on-line.

On the other hand, I observe another group of my friends. They have a higher tendency to complain about work, and do not have a plan on how they would like to achieve their goals.

To me, it can be done. Maybe not overnight, within 1 year but over a longer period of time.

The question is 'Do people wants it and make it a priority?'

Once it's a priority, there is no longer a need to justify. One would more likely focus on what needs to be done....building the fundamental knowledge and work towards the goal.

Venturing out of Fixed Deposit or our 9 to 5 career (or supposedly safe havens) is tough because changing one's paradigm and stretching it is tough. 

We are conditioned since young to follow rules. And rules are patterns. So, if one see repeated examples of people not achieving things, they conditioned themselves to accept the 'norm'. Break the rules, break the norms.

Hence, there is a saying that your earnings is the average of the 6 closest people you mixed with.

If I may end this rumbling with a quote from Lou Holtz (America's football coach).

Every success begins with 2 things:-

  • vision; gives the direction necessary to achieve the goal
  • plan; the vehicle by which we achieve the goal
Just my 2 cents. 

My financial position starts improving when I stop blaming and start taking responsibility for planning and growing my money.

One main motivation I have is to share my own experience so that it can inspire others to learn and start their own businesses online from their own house or home and to control their own Financial Destiny.

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