Maintain Full Time Job and Make Money Online Part Time

Yes, many full-time employees questions themselves, is it really possible to run a part time internet business and still continue their full time office job?

The answer to this question really must come from YOU.  Juggling a full-time job plus running an online based business is highly possible.  It depends on how much you really want a second full-time income and how you allocate your spare time.

Many people failed in their internet venture not to scams.  Although most money makings ads are over-hype, their system do work if you really put in the time and effort to learn those tons of information you have obtained.

One of the real benefits of an automated internet income is that you have the flexibility of time.  Most people including me use our spare time to work on this cash making venture.

Before you even start, consider these questions:

- What are you really interested in?
- What kind of books do you like to read?
- What do you love talking about?
- What sort of passions do you have?

Once you determine the choice of your web based business, you got to plan out how you used your spare time.  Note down what you usually do during the holidays, weekend and after work activities.

Soon you will realise many time wasting or too much enjoyment activities that are not going to help you in your long-term financial independence plan.  One of the biggest time wasters activities are watching drama, online videos or playing games.  You may have to cut down your frequent recreational activities, pub or dinner with friends or relatives.

Nowadays, there is never enough time for everyone.  We just got to learn how to juggle, stretch and rush whatever free time we have available.  You have to be prepared to allocate enough time for your own business and don't let it failed by poor time management.

Don't worry; these sacrifices are usually temporary for the first few years.  Once you gain the knowledge of running a part time net business, it will become easier and easier.  You will soon realise that you can complete the daily task much faster.

It is very hard to determine the learning curve of every individual due to the different learning abilities and time allocation we can give ourselves. Some people can get things to work for them within a year or others could take 2 to 3 years. It took me about 3 years before I could honestly say I was "successful". Some people do it in a shorter amount of time. 

However, "Making Money Online is about who makes it NOT who makes it the fastest." 

While running your own part time internet business is tough initially, you must have no regrets.  You have to enjoy what you do.  That must be a stronger motivation than trying to make money and that is what keeps you going when times are hard.

As Buddhist nun and philanthropist Cheng Yen noted: "The greatest success in life is to rise up from failure."

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