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Do you need your own website to make money?

Are you guys or gals of the opinion that it is a must to have your own website to make quality money on the internet or marketing your own blogs would suffice? Theoretically I know that it is possible, but practically has anyone made loads of money by just blogging? 

No, you don't need your own website but it doesn't hurt. It depends on what you want, do you want the host to get most of your income as well as control, majority of ads and space, the domain rights, the official blog rights or you.

Logical steps to make cash online:

1. Affiliate marketing (not your site) or affiliate provides
2. Blog w/host (not your main blog, your test blog) (not your site)
3. Your own web host-paid not free host
4. Your own domain (not linked to the web host) - rights thing again
5. Your own blog hosted by your web host

It is certainly a good idea to have your own site. Blog has certain limitations. Your own site gives you many opportunities for monetizing.

Why? The answer is because hosting had become very cheap, and when you use free hosting, you get a lower share of the revenue. 

I've found it helpful to use several ideas. If you're going to have a presence on the net why not create your own site? 

At the very minimum you should have a main/contact type page, and if you can convert your website into a money maker in the process there is definitely no harm in that. 

If HTML programming is not your bag then you can always use a site builder type program like Site Build It! to help you along the way. 

Like I was saying, you should at the very minimum have a information type page. Mix that with some affiliate online ads and you can usually make your hosting fee up while using the site to promote yourself or other items (affiliate signups, etc) 

I think that having a website or blog definitely expands the possibilities for making quality money. Whether you're doing it online or offline, having even a landing page that describes who you are and what you do can be a great marketing tool. If you can generate content then you can put ads and affiliate programs for some extra income. Nowadays, whenever people look for information they tend to google it, so having a website is a quick way to reach more people with your service or product.

If you are thinking of making real quality money, most online expert will without exception, recommend having a website. It's definitely worth having one. 

So, the final short answer is YES, you need a website. Everything else lacks longevity. 

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