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First, you have to acknowledge that MLM is not for everyone.  When your downline start dropping out, you feel the disappointment not only for yourself but for the other person.  In your heart, you know they could have succeeded  if they only just stuck with it.   Network marketing business is all about a person attitude.

Another distributor drops out of your business!

You feel the disappointment not only for yourself but for the other person. You know they could succeed if they only just stuck with it. You may also feel guilty. Maybe you should have done more. Maybe you could have handled things better....offered more training, been more supportive.

You need to understand that it's not only discouraging but it can be destructive. Your business is all about your attitude. You need to protect your attitude at all costs because as some wise man once said "Your Attitude dictates your Altitude"

The old saying goes "You can lead the horse to water but you can't make them drink"

When I first started my business this used to happen to me all of the time. I couldn't understand what I was doing wrong. Was it me.....Maybe I wasn't cut out for this business. I started reading lots of books on MLM and found that most other successful distributors had experienced the same thing. Maybe it wasn't me that had the problem. I started looking at my team and others. One of the most insightful books I read was by Dr Tom Barrett "Dare to Dream Work to Win"

I discovered something that helped in my recruiting efforts. 

Through analyzing successful distributors I was able to pin point a few common winning factors. There where a few obvious similarities.

I then looked at my distributors who hadn't made it. I didn't see the same attributes in those people. The answer was simple.

I needed to be more SELECTIVE in my recruiting.

This eliminated most of my heartaches, frustrations and minimized my wasted time.

Recruiting should always have a filtering system.

This system separates those people who are open to new ideas from those who are not. The people who have a good work ethic and those who don't. People who can communication well and those who can't.

Too often we have an open door policy.

"If you are breathing you're in".

What attributes do I look for in a Potential distributor?

  • They need to be open to new ideas and be willing to listen and learn. 
  • They need to be hungry for Personal Development. 
Jim Rohn says" Work more on yourself than you do your business".
  • They need to be dissatisfied. They could be dissatisfied about their finances, their lifestyle, their work conditions. Whatever it is, they are looking to change in their life. 
  • They need to be good at communicating and enjoy working with people.
  • They need to have good work ethics. Being prepared to work the hours needed to build a long term business.
  • They need to have a strong desire to earn an above average income.
Your potential recruit needs to have at least 3 of the 6 to have any chance of success in this type of business.

Most people will not even come close, they simply drift through life. Why should it be any different in this business?

We just have to acknowledge that MLM is not for everyone.

I have devised steps that my potential distributors must make before signing them up. By the way it is also about positioning. I tell them I am selecting only 5 key people this month to join my team. They them feel as if they need to qualify.

I set them small homework tasks for them to complete

  • They need to send me an e-mail listing what they think their positive skills are. They need to tell me why I should let them join my team. 
  • I get them to make a list of at least 20 people who may be interested in either joining them in their business or becoming a customer. 
  • They must attend a business introduction meeting and bring along a friend.
  • I send them an email with the addresses of websites related to my business and ask them to research these sites then call me so that I can answer any questions they may have.
If they comply with these four tasks I can be reasonably certain that they are serious about the business opportunity. I will then set up a time when I can outline what I expect of them over the next 6 months but I also give them a commitment of my time to help them build their business and be available whenever they need me.

If they are in agreement at this stage I will let them join my team.

This new philosophy has saved me many sleepless night and helped me build a strong reliable team of business builders.

Check out who YOU are recruiting.

Their answer will reveal a lot about their chances of success in this type of business.

Don't let your Philosophy be "throw them up against the wall and see who sticks" 

It really is a lot easier to build a business with people who have the right philosophy...and the right heart.

They share the same Vision as you and a like perspective about success in life.

If you recruit the right people, you don't have to keep re-building your downline over and over and over.

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