Building Relationships Before Income

Many people still do not understand that multi-level marketing is about building people and relationships before income. MLM is not about sales volume. This logic is the same for any other kind of automated internet income stream.

The first step in your mlm internet income stream is to build a list of people looking for what you have to offer through your blog or website. Other mlm people are your target market and they are looking for what you have to offer to them. Always target and find out niche market for the best results.

The mlm online list you build, will be setup using a lead capture page and an autoresponders service to handle all your daily emails.

The lead capture system will be a simple one page website you can host at places like hostgator. Aweber will be the service to handle your email building list. This online email list is the most important and it must only be filled with your target market. Building a list of people not interested in your target niche is going to be very costly and waste of time and will not work.

The second step in your automated internet income stream is to start building good relationship with your list. As mentioned before, you start by building a relationship with people for mlm and the same is true for your list. The people who sign-up on your list have the same dreams and goals as you and are looking for your help in creating a better life for themselves.

Daily, you need to give quality value to your list. This information can be a new article you wrote, a video you just created, or just a funny story you just read about somewhere on the net. Be personable with your own list. Treat them like your best friends and in return, they will be good to you. People in the list need to be able to trust you because they will be working with you for many years to come in your mlm business.

The final step in your automated mlm income stream is to market to that list. Those people in your list needs help and its going to be your job to give them what they need. If you have build a good relationship with the people on your list, they are going to trust your recommendations for products they should purchase. If you know of a good product that has previously helped you out, why not recommend this product to your list? Your link to the recommended product will be an affiliate link and when someone purchases the product, you receive a commission.

Recommending other people products is how you are going to create income for yourself. This method will help you sustain yourself while your building the mlm business. Select only high valued products created by other top leaders to market to your list. With these affiliated products to sell, you don't have to worry about creating them yourself, or handling all the logistics of that product. You just send a recommendation to your list and receive a commissions.

Can you visualize and see how simple this income process is? Start by building a list, build a relationship, and then market products to that list. Don't complicate this simple process or you'll just going to be stuck trying to make any real money on the net.

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