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If you are pondering and looking to get involved, just got involved or have been involved for a long time with a MLM company, network marketing company, referral business or any other name given to a home based business, one question you must ask yourself is:

1. Are you prepared to go to work? 
2. Are you ready to get into the game?
3. Are you willing to show up?

These are really the same questions to get your mind thinking. The question is not as important as the answer. And if the answer is not "YES", MLM is not for you. However, I am about to explain the facts.

Most people answer "YES" but never do go to work at their own business, they never get into their own game and they never show up to do business.

OK. Do you want to be one of those people who answered yes and really mean it and actually gets in the game. Let me share with you some facts.

To succeed in MLM it is important to understand that most people have failed. Stats show that 97% of people who got involved with an MLM Network Marketing Business have failed and have never made a pay cheque in this industry. It is also important to understand why these people have failed. If we know what they did or did not do to fail, we just need to do the opposite.

Let's get out the magnifying glass and take a close look at the 97% that have failed. Again, it is important to understand and learn from these failures, this is where you will find the answers to your success.

You are now a business owner, an entrepreneur, you are ready to start making money from the comfort of your own home and even plan to retire early, buy a new house, a new car and take a few trips. BUT are you ready to show up to work? Most people are not. What do I mean by that, well today we are only going to cover one very important and obvious point that should be done in the beginning stages of starting your own business.

Do you have the tools to build your business? - What are these tools you may ask? Well there are many but one that is often overlooked is a simple basic business card.

A business card? Yes a business card.
Here are some facts:
1. The majority or people who failed in MLM never had a business card.
2. 100% of successful Multi Level Marketers surveyed had business cards.

A simple yet powerful tool. A business card can be the little thing that makes the big difference in MLM success. Without a business card you may be leaving money on the table. Here's why and I am sure that if you have been in the industry for any length of time and did not have a business card you have experienced this. You walked away from someone you met at the bank, the gym, in the elevator, a restaurant, the gas station and you say to yourself "That person would have been perfect in my business - I wish I had a business card to leave them".

There is a few fundamental mistakes in what just occurred but let's focus on the business card. When you walk away from someone and say that statement above you really have left money on the table, you may never know how well that person could have been in your business and you may never have a second chance.

Having a business card means that you are ready to work, you have one of the most important tools and you are ready to show up to work and get in the game.

What I have seen is that people who use business cards are first of all in the right frame of mind and have made the decision that they are going to get the job done whereas the ones without the cards have not made a serious decision about doing what is required for success. I am sure that just like me, you may have been prospected for an MLM business opportunty and been give a card.

So why do many people not use business cards? Many people have not been lead by example in this area. Business cards are something that will get duplicated. This goes both ways, if you are using them, not only do you have a far better chance of success but people in your organization will also use them but the opposite holds true as well.

Does a business card have to look pretty? No, it just needs to be. Any look will do, it just needs to have your important contact information.

Would you agree with me that a business card can make a big difference in building your MLM business.

Yes, of course you would. Try it and see for yourself. I would not be surprised if you could sponsor more in one month than you could in one whole year not having business cards.

Now, get in the game. You have your cards, now use them.

And what happens when you sign someone up that had one of your cards? Yes, you guessed it. They are going to get their own business cards.

Business Cards for MLM success truly will help you to build a larger organization.

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