Its All About Freeing Up Our Work Time

Wake up everyday and honestly be thankful for all the things we have.  The good, the bad, and the ugly, forces your thoughts to remain positive. Gratitude removes the ability to whine and complain if things are not moving quickly enough for you, and you will be more open to identifying when true opportunities present themselves. 

Wealth is not a monetary amount, but rather the ability to live in a constant state of gratitude. My belief is that we are designed to live abundantly, and wealth and poverty is a choice you can make, so choose wisely.

When anyone one of us join a new work at home based business, we are usually full of hopes and wishes, such as: buy a new car, get to live in a bigger house, the ability to pay our bills at time, or finally quitting that job we hate. At a first glance, a work at home based business is all about making money while working at home. And this is not something wrong! But looking closely you will see that the best thing you can get from working home, is not about money. Maybe for some of us a home based business means money, but for many others is about something more important.

For many of us, working at home with a home based business means that we have the necessary time to spend with our family, especially with our kids. Childhood time is a short period in a kid's life and being able to be there in that period of time is something invaluable. It is really hard to spend time away from our kids in this period, but for most of us, this cannot be avoided with a regular 9 to 5 job.

One of the best things at a working at home based business is that you get the opportunity to work, make money, and also spend quality time with your close ones. You can put up a program of work around their daily program so that you can always be near them, at a school activity, or in the park. From now on you will never again miss a special moment in their life (like a piano recital, etc.). You can also take them to different trips, vacations, and let them see the world. With a home based business you will not be forced to ask for your boss for some time off so that you can be with your family, but you will be there whenever you want!

How would be to get the opportunity to check your kids homework daily? Or participating in school activities? 

Even if for some people, a stay at home based business is about money, for many others the free time spent with their family means something more.

The important point is, learn to live in the now, within your means, while preparing for the future.

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