Not Guarantee To Make Money In MLM

Yes, you have read it correctly.  Like any other kind of businesses, mlm does not guaranty that you will make any money. All kind of businesses are going to take time, determination and hard work to succeed, especially in the multilevel marketing industry.

The first concept is about understanding yourself. You need to know youself. Many people entering the industry don't understand and know themselves. Multi-level marketing is very different from whatever you have done in the past, unless you have been in the industry over five years. And if are one of those who have been in this industry for a while without any significant results, than maybe you need to search more into yourself to find out what's holding you back. What are you strength and weaknesses? What do you dislike to do in this mlm business? Or What are you afraid of to do in your business? Why are you afraid to do it? The solution to understanding and uncover your blind spots is to read self-help books and listen to successful people on audio while driving. This will help you discover who you are and what you need to do.

The second concept is about understanding human. Human social skills is what's holding most network marketers back in the industry. Fear of failing and rejection in mlm only comes from the people you interact with about your business. Therefore, the more you understand human behaviour, the more confidence you will have, the better you will deal with people. 

Network marketing business all about people's well-being. That's it. Studying and understanding human wants and needs are the best thing you could do with your time. Learning the skills on how to connect and build healthy relationship with people is by far the best skill you will need to learn and master to make it in the information age. Either you're trying to market your business online or offline, connecting with people is the best thing you could do. Here is a quote to remember when dealing with people "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

The last principle is the mlm concept. What I'm trying to say is that you need to understand the business side of network marketing. There are two sides to network marketing:

a) Human
b) Business

The human side of mlm is what we talked about earlier. The business side of network marketing is how to make money, how many people do you need on your team to achieve your goals and dreams, how to market your business to people etc.  Here is the thing though, I would recommend that you focus on interacting and connecting with people first, then focus on business second. People comes first, then business second. Remember this principle, "People don't care how much you care until they know how much you care." Also, the very definition of network marketing is "human"+"business."

To conclude, if you understand people, then the sky will be the limit. discover yourself, master people skills, then be business minded, and you will be a shining star in this hot money making industry.

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