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As one of the network marketing business owners, your may goal is to attract customers who want your products and reps who want your business opportunity. These are the two target markets that most newcomers target. There are however, many target markets and niches within these two groups or target markets. Most network marketers are not clear about who it is they are trying to attract and end up with the wrong type of prospect which is a waste of time.

Here are six steps on how to attract the right prospects:

1.Become specific and narrow down your target market .

If you become intimate with the people you are trying to attract- know their needs, concerns, desires and problems, you will be well placed to know exactly what it is they are searching for . Then you will be able to zone in on their specific needs and problems and provide them with solutions to those exact problems.

Let's take a look at people who might be interested in buying your Network Marketing business opportunity. One target market could be people who are opportunity seekers who want to get out of their J-O-B's to start a home based business. Say these are people who have had enough of the corporate world, who want to spend more time with their kids at home, who want flexibility in their working hours or who want control over their career and financial destinies. They want out of their jobs to work from home, but they don't yet know what home based business they'll do or why network marketing could be an answer to their problems.

Another target market could be network marketers who have bought a Network Marketing business opportunity in the past. These are the best prospects because they already know about network marketing, have bought into the concept of its wealth creating potential (perhaps they've read Robert Kiyosaki's Wealth Quadrant). But they might have failed in their previous attempt(s) in the industry. They might have failed because they couldn't talk to enough people or didn't have enough cash for a decent marketing budget. Perhaps they started hating cold calling and rejection.

It's quite clear that these 2 target markets have very different problems/needs and you will need to provide different solutions: In the first case you are selling network marketing -as an answer to their need to find a way out of their job. (You are also selling yourself as a leader in network marketing who can show them how to do it.)

In the second case these people are searching for ways to be successful in MLM. You are going to have to give them a different way of going about their MLM. You might give them solutions and alternatives to cold calling for leads. Or training on how to make money upfront during the prospecting part of the business building.

2. Know what keywords they could be typing in to find possible solutions on the search engines.

Nowadays everyone uses Google to find answers to their questions! Armed with this intimate knowledge of your specific target market, you will know what keywords they could be typing in. Use a keyword tool to research what the demand is for those words and how competitive they are. You can fine tune the exact best words to use. In our example, our second target market might be typing in "network marketing leads" or "make money in network marketing" to see what comes up.

3. Provide the right kind of Content

Knowing what kind of challenges they're facing you will be able to provide the right kind of content that's of interest to your target market on the internet, that comes up for the keywords they are typing in. You might write an article titled "Is there a better way to build your Network Marketing Business?" Or To attract these people to you, look at some problems they might need help with for example:

How to make money in MLM 
How to get prospects coming to them (instead of chasing prospects) 
How to use the internet to build their business smarter

By providing value that's of interest to your target market, you are positioning yourself as a helpful guide. You're not selling them, you are letting them buy into you. Your info rich content will make you function as a solutions provider and this creates an opportunity (later on) to ask the prospect if they are open to a network marketing opportunity.

4. Learn the basics of search engine optimization.

If you know how the search engines work, you can create your adverts and pieces with enough of the correct key words in the content and titles to be picked up. With further linking strategies you can get your content up on the Google rankings so that your article pops up when your prospect types your keywords in!

5. Learn to Write attractive copy.

If you write with pull, your prospects might be encouraged to click on a link to your Lead Capture Page where they might opt in and give you permission to communicate with them. You might perhaps share a personal experience which could help you relate to them and put you on their side. For example you might tell your reader about some bad experiences you had while cold calling and how you found an alternative that works (internet attraction marketing). You could then refer them to a resource for example, that teaches internet attraction marketing. (Your lead capture page).

6. Continue to provide value.

Having opted in, you now have more opportunities to provide your prospect with value, and when the time is right put your offers in front of them (including but not limited to, your MLM products and opportunity).

In this way, you can put yourself in your prospects conversation that they are already having inside their heads. You sell yourself as a knowledgeable expert and pre sell them- so that by the time they call you, they already know who you are and what you are about. You haven't pitched your deal to them. You've slowly built trust and started the teaching process at the same time.

Your prospect will trust you to guide them to success. This is what they are really buying- your ability to show them HOW to succeed in Network Marketing. Not your company, product or compensation plan.

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