Starting A MLM Business - Have The Correct Perception

The unfortunate thing about people starting any mlm business is the misunderstanding they had on the way how mlm works and under-estimating the efforts involved.  It often end up costing them hundreds or thousands of dollars a year in wasted time and effort.

Correct yourself from these wrong perception and protect yourself from the online hype and misconceptions before starting a mlm business.


The most unfortunate and damaging myth about online home business is that the income can come quickly.  Although it may be possible for an old dog with an established network of partners, to create a residual income of thousand of dollar in one month. However, this will never happen for the average person building from scratch.  Consider this, the average internet mlm pays $1 - $10 per person. To earn $2000 - $7000 per month, you need thousand of leads in your downline.  This is very possible to achieve. But it takes time.


Is it real that people who join after me have less chance of making money than I do? 

A good business opportunity should actually improve with time and exposure. Itíll be based on products (or services) and delivering more in product value than the dollar amount people are paying for it.  It doesn't really depend on when you join.  The important aspect of any network marketing business is the size of your sales team that you build.


Too many people treat their network marketing business like a direct sales business.  They just try to make sales to their new team members they recurit.  The keep recruiting without putting in the effort to let them see the value of working as a team.  That is the biggest mistake as it is not the volume of direct sales that are going to make you a six figure income earners. 


The way MLM truly works best is when a large number of people help each other to make a small numbers of sales.  In MLM, you donít make much money from making sales, the real money comes from building an organization.  Once you build a small group of people and the helping culture takes hold, youíll start to develop a rapidly growing organization that grows rapidly and wildly with a momentum you couldnít stop, even if you tried to.  The point is that the engine that drives lasting MLM growth is people helping other people, in small numbers, and everybody doing their share.

At the beginning your job is to sponsor a small number of people and support them, and encourage them to make sales, encourage them to encourage other people in the same way.  Eventually, youíll have build an online mlm business with a monthly passive six figure income which you can be proud of.

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