Never Depend On Luck For Your Online Success

People who succeed in earning an income online do not depend on luck.  Today, it is totally impossible for anyone to setup up a new website or blog and start seeing money coming in no matter what product or services you intend to provide. 

Similar to any kind of traditional business, there are fundamental of success which online people must follows. For instance, do you know that there are approximately 2 billion ebooks that are being sold on the internet?  Today, Amazon online sells more digital books that printed ones.  This does not include those self-publisher (those rejected by publishing companies) who sold their ebooks on their own online without signing any deals with big publishers.  These individual self-publisher alone are making hundreds of thousands of dollars on their ebooks using services like Clickbank and Paypal.  These online self-publisher succeeded as they have made an effort and have the right fundamental for success.


Plan to build a lifetime residual income for yourself.  There are trillions of website and blog already online and the worse strategy is starting an online business without proper planning.  Many individuals think that it is unnecessary to write down their business plan but planning is important as it provide a guideline on how you are going to achieve it.  It is like planning for your travel trip, you cannot start your journey if you do not know where you are visiting.  Those who failed to plan will find that their luck for online success will be slim.

Niche Domination

There is a niche market out there for everyone if you are willing to put an effort to search for it.  The online environment is very competitive nowadays and it is of utmost important that you can find your own niche and excel in it.  Niche domination is like a brand, it is like why ladies pay a premium for Channel bags over a non-branded one.  It is also why an eye specialist is paid more than a general doctor.   The same principle will be seen in the online business of your choice and it does not depend on your luck.  You need to dominate your niche and become an expert in your chosen business.  Being an expert will enable your product or service to gain loyal followers or customers.

The Pareto Principle

You are in luck if you have learnt about the famous Pareto Principle.  In business, the Pareto Principle meant that 80% of your sales will come from 20% of your customers.  It's the same for your online business, you can start many different type of online website, but you will soon notice that 80% of your internet income will come from 20% of your niche website.  Therefore, your focus should be on those 80% of your website that makes money for you while you sleep.

Internet Marketing

What is online internet marketing?  To be lucky and make money in the internet world, daily marketing is a must.  In fact, everything related to business is depends on marketing.  Today, there are many books written on internet marketing and there are even courses you can attend.  If really wish to succeed online, learning about internet marketing is of utmost importance.  You must learn how to market your website or blog through many of those internet marketing channel like Facebook, YouTube, Blog comment, Forum or even Joint Venture. 


Therefore, online success requires you to plan, select a niche of your interest, focusing and daily internet marketing. You will never need to depend on luck for your internet success if you had followed the above tips.

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