The Women Bra Business - Bra Queen

Business Objective

For women, choosing a good bra to wear is of utmost important to them.  A good lingerie gives women the confident to conduct her daily activities.

Renee had a dream that women could buy their lingerie of any brand around the globe easily without traveling around the world or leaving their home.

The Bra Queen

Niche Business

Renee started Bra Queen in year 2007 when the great financial crises hit the world and women's have to restrict their spending habits.  With a tight purse, more women are seeking information about lingerie before they commit their spending so as make every cents counts.

Internet Revenue

With her Bra Queen content site, she was able to earn revenue from affiliate marketing, accepting advertising on her site, brand collaboration and as a speaker on the subject of lingerie.

Monthly online income average range from USD 2,000 to 3,000.

Working Hours

During the initial startup, she had to work 30 to 50 hours weekly, reading, researching and writing contents.  Through her hard work, Bra Queen become well-known for unbiased and honest reviews as the site focus on inspiring women to express themselves through their lingerie and positive body image.

As her contents grew, she now only need to update her site weekly with new lingerie contents as to keep her search engine ranking.  However, she still update her social media daily for her followers.


No paid marketing was used as she prefer using good unique contents to attract natural traffics from the search engines.

To raise her web presence, she grew her lingerie knowledge and become an authority in the subject which enable her to do offline marketing thru various ways such as expos, speaking and conducting lingerie workshops.

Social media site such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were used to update her customers. 

Online Presence

For women who want more information about the bra they wear before making a purchase, you can visit her website.


As a women herself, Renee chose to focus on the lingerie information niche and was able to craft herself into an expert in the subject of lingerie.  Her choice of business also tell us that good business opportunities could be just around our body and it is really up to us to find it.

Online Business

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