No More Internet Money To Be Make

There will come a time where you believe that the market has been too saturated to make any real money out of your online home business. If I had a nickel for every time I thought that way, I could give up all my businesses and retire to some secret island country somewhere. I even gave up online marketing altogether. This happens to a lot of people. The difference is, I came back to it. A lot of people do not return. They get it in their head that there is no way to make money online.

So here is a bit of motivational article to help you overcome that feeling of dread that your dreams of making money online are shattering. 

The truth is it doesn't really matter how many people are selling online. Why can I say that? Because most of them are going to eventually give up too. That little secret can be used to your competitive advantage. To prove this, take a look at some of the bookmarks in your browser that you capture a couple of years ago but haven't looked at since. Chances are good that those sites do not exist or worse, their some search engine knock off that has nothing to do with what the site that you originally bookmarked.

But another reason why I believe that competition doesn't really matter is because it can be used as a gauge to see what is worthwhile in selling. If you see a great competitor that seems to be selling like hot cakes, emulate or model after what they are doing and incorporate it into your campaigns. If it's too competitive, narrow the scope into something more specific. Instead of using the term "golf" try to find interest in specific golf clubs that can help someone's game. Or market a brand of golf ball that gets further distance than the average, etc.

Millions of people are coming online every week. These are people that have never been online before. That's a huge audience of people. But this statistic is not just the United States or United Kingdom, it is worldwide. So a niche that is flooded in the states could be totally open in say, China or India.

One last item to mention is that if you are stuck, perhaps it's to seek out a mentor. You have to be careful here because there are many scams online that will be more than happy to take your money but will offer you no real advice that can be used to further your business. I have been working with a trusted resource that's increased my success rate without spending a great deal of money.

Keep coming up with ideas. There will always be an audience no matter how many people are trying to sell. There are vast amounts of products and services that can be explored in which no one has ever touched upon before but are in great demand. With proper planning and help from others, you can put away the notion of giving up your online business and actually succeed.

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