Online Business Ideas - Knowing Where To Compete

Embarking on a business that can function and still earn money despite your absence or location in the world and the freedom to choose when to work, how to work and what to work on are the greatest benefits of an online business.

Many internet owners have great website designed and traffics but they have one major problem. The problem is many are trying to compete in a tough niche. Many are selling home-based business items and wealth packages. I know there's money in that niche, but you're also competing against people who REALLY know they're stuff. It's one of the most competitive niches. 

Personally, I don't know a thing about getting rich. With all due respect, I don't think many of you are either since most of you're not selling your products. You're also selling SEO products -- and competing against SEO experts. If I tried to sell the stuff you're selling, I don't think I'd make any money either. 

I'm not trying to be harsh-- but maybe you should try another niche. What is something you know a lot about-- Dogs? Cooking? Dieting? Parenting? Restaurants? Whatever--you get the idea. These niches have a lot less competition. Regular, common, everyday people are more likely to search for these things. 

I started a web site and a few affiliate sales began to trickle in. I never got rich, but I was getting about a hundred bucks a month without doing much work. No adwords. No taglines. I just put up a website with a bunch of content... and I recommended some books. And it worked. 

I just did a google search for "Ultimate Wealth Package" (with quotes around it). I got 299,000 results. The Sponsored links are chock-full of people trying to sell it to me. 

Then, I did a search for another ebook, "Dog Breeding Secrets Revealed". Only 3,270 matches. Is it easier to compete against 299,000 Web sites or 3,270? 

If you're going to launch an AdWords campaign, which product will be easier to sell? I'd go for the dog breeding secrets book. There's less competition. The ads will probably cost less. And, I would guess, just as many people search google for information on dog breeding as they do for wealth packages. 

Online Business Ideas - Knowing Where To Compete

My niche for example is selling eBook for teachers. Why? I am a teacher. I know a lot about teaching. 

So then I decided to write a book. Still, I'm not rich, but I've made a few hundred dollars in the past few weeks-- which are more than I ever made before. 

Now I'm not making a living doing this, nor am an authority on how to get rich via Clickbank, but I am making SOME sales because I'm working in an niche that: 

1. I am familiar with.
2. Has very little competition.
3. Fills a need for people.

Get Rid Of Get Rich Fast Mentality

Yes, the very first thing a new entrant needs to do is to get rid of those "get rich fast or quick" idea that many so called gurus have planted in your psyche. Yes, a cyber biz income has less overhead than a brick/mortar physical one, but one thing the two have in common is that they are still BUSINESSES!

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