Part-Time Job or At Home Internet Business For Extra Income

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What alternative do you have if you need extra income?

Like everyone else, the first thought that came to my mind will be to look for a part-time job to do.  Starting a Work At Home Internet Business didn't really came across into my mind.  I began to do some jobs research on to see what are the part-time jobs opportunities that are available.

After many hours of searching and reading, I came to the conclusion that I can either choose to work part-time PHYSICALLY for someone earning another monthly fixed income or start a work at home internet business and work for myself.  Those telecomputing jobs is a NO NO for me as I found that the job skills I possess doesn't match their requirement.

After zooming down the two choices, I began to jot down in simple point form the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

The advantage of a part-time job which I can think of are:

- I'll received a fixed monthly income for the part-time work I have done.

- I don't have to re-learn as the part-time job will be something similar to my day-time job.

The disadvantage of holding another part-time job are:

- after my day-time jobs, I'll have to rush on to my part-time job spending precious traveling time and spending money on transportation.

- most part-time jobs are paid hourly and I'm not paid if I'm failed to turn up for work.

- a part-time job means that I'll have to be physically away and that mean spending less time with my family.

- reporting to one boss is already tough, if I start a part-time job, I'll have to report to two bosses, which will be even tougher.

- although it is not openly mentioned, age and education do play a part whether I'll end up obtaining the part-time job or not.

With so many disadvantages, does that means that a part-time work at home internet business is a better choice?

No, that does not mean so.

A part-time work at home internet business also have it disadvantage such as:

- like all business, I'll can forget about seeing any profits during the first year of operating my internet home business as I'm inexperience in the way internet commerce work.

- to succeed, I have to allocate a daily or weekly fixed time slot to work on my internet business and treat it like a part-time job, doing it without FAILED.

- I'm must be self-motivated to learn how internet commerce functions and works.

With the disadvantage listed, I began to list down the advantages of running a work at home internet Home Business:

- one of the benefits of running a part-time internet business is that my income potential is UNLIMITED.

- I don't have report to any BOSSES.

- I don't have to spend time traveling to work.

- I have more controlled of my time as I can set my own working hours and nobody will bother about my age or educational level

- everyday, I'll be learning new things as I need to self-educate myself on how to run a successful internet business.

- as my internet home business grows, it can becomes self-sustaining and I can spend less time on it but still earning the same or more money.

The above are just some of my own finding regarding the part-time job vs a part-time work at home business.  You may get different results if you were to do another research on the above topics as different brains think differently.

Everyone has it choice and the decision and future is for yours to make.

Wishing you success in your part-time job or work at home internet business whichever you choose.

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