Proper Part-Time Job In Internet - Don't Quit Your Work Yet

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It is wise to keep your full-time job until your small home base business takes off.  You have to pay your bills and debts some how. You have to eat.

Yes, work for your company until your online stuff takes off. Put in as much time as you can with your online stuff. It is a life time ongoing study. You never stop learning and tweaking your stuff.

Don't expect to plow through a course and put something online that will help you swim in wicked piles of cash in a few short months. I'd say to give it six months AFTER you put it on the web. But, you will have to promote it. Add content to it. Improve the looks a bit, etc. It is all on-going.

Always ask yourself this: how well do you know your target market? Why would they spend their money on your stuff rather than another site? If you can answer those questions and practically, effectively incorporate them within your site, you may be on the right track.

Then there is SEO both on-line and off-line. Then there is article submission and other methods of driving traffic.   I'm saying that there is a lot to it. It all takes time. Are you an expert on your site topic? What does the typical visitor really want?

There is a difference between neglecting the required daily duties and making some necessary sacrifices. The later is needed. You have to take the time to learn things, create a campaign, put up a site, etc...

Learning online marketing is NOT a waste of time unless you don't find it appealing. Do you find it appealing - the  studying? Remember, in order to do your best, you must enjoy the process and journey of earning an internet income rather than doing it just for the cash.

Everyone is talented at something - hobbies, sports, whatever. If you don't think you have anything to market, then think about what interests you and find out everything you can about it. Don't worry, you'll find a way to capitalize on it once  you become an expert at it.

Your passion for the topic will drive you to become very competent. If you decide that you like online marketing and you think you have an interest in one or more topics, go for it. Allow several months. It takes 6-12 months to make a decent  online income. 

I'm not talking about 50k per year either. I am talking about enough for it to be worth it. That's why a person shouldn't  quit their job until they have the online income to do so.

Wishing you success in finding a proper part-time job on the net.

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