Resources Every Home Internet Earners Need

You have just got started in this home internet earning venture and there's quite a number of resources every webmaster needs to stay on his or her feet. Begin learning what they are in order to stay organized, stay smart and stay knowledgeable. With the right and proper tools, you'll be that much closer to making it in the world of internet business.

The first to learn would be an obvious choice: Google Analytics. 

Many new home internet owners don't generally know what Google Analytics can do for them, and if they did, well, let's say less internet businesses would go down. What sort of things are we talking here? Using this tools, you actually see how visitors find your website, what they do once they are there and how long they do it for. There are virtually no other businesses where you can say: "I'm making no money", and find out exactly why. If your visitors are always leaving your site at a certain page, change the page - it is as easy as that. Another e.g.: do you know what a bounce rate is? It's the percentage of web visitors who leave your website without even taking a look at it. The higher your web bounce rate, the worse for you Google ranking. If it's continue to be very high, you should change your home page. If you learn to use nothing else as a home web owner, at least learn how to master Google Analytics.

Another Google resource: Google AdWords. 

Now, even if you are thinking that you don't want to set up any AdWords campaigns, hear me out. AdWords has ton of valuable sections for Internet Business Owners, specially related to keywords. You can see how valuable a new keyword will be, how hard or easy it is to get it well positioned in Google and how much it will cost in case you do decide to set up an AdWords campaign. You can also type in the name of your site and get ideas for keywords based on content, with an indicator of how many searches that specific keyword gets in each region you choose and what competition you are running up against for it.

Lastly, SEO forum/blog.

SEO forum/blog contains full of useful information for a webmaster. Spend long enough on SEO forum/blog and you too will become an expert in placing your website high up on search engine rankings. If you try to at least read their forum/blog posts daily and apply the knowledge their experts and guests provide, you'll be pretty sure to make it as a successful Internet business owner.  It is easy to find tons of SEO forum / blog by a click on

Once you become a full-timer, there are a few more sites you won't want to miss, but for me, these are the three pillars of any great webmaster or online business owner. Remember that all the information you need is already out there on the Internet, and you just have to know how to find it. Learning how to use Google Analytics and Google AdWords, and soaking in those SEO forum/blog is a great first step to success.

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