Get Paid To Read Emails - Real Or Is It A Scam

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Get Paid To Read Emails - Can You Really Get Paid To Read Emails Or Is It A Scam?

So you want to get paid to read emails? Who wouldn't? Sounds pretty easy to me. Wake up late, turn on the computer, check your inbox, read a few emails and then kick back for the rest of the day! And on top of that, just watch the fat checks landing at your doorstep too!

Wow, sign me up! But, STOP! Do you really think it is going to be that easy? Truth is a little different I have to tell you. This is what you are getting involved in if you want get paid to read emails.

- No-one is going to pay you just for the simple act of reading an email. It wouldn't make any sense, unless of course they can make some money from it. How do they make money from it? In the emails they offer you products. Hey, hey, hey, I hear you say, I don't want any products, I just want to do the reading and get the money. This may be true, but the products will be highly targeted to you and your personal needs and interests and if they only sell you one product they will make a profit.

- How do they know what you need and like? Well, you will have to fill out a questionnaire when you apply to join the program and from there they can work out a lot about your needs, likes and habits. You might find you actually get offered something you DO need.

- Want to know how to really make money from these schemes? Sign-up your friends. You will make money from all the emails your friends read and probably from all the emails their friends read etc. It is all a numbers game and as you can see it can multiply pretty quickly. And for the companies sending the email it means more people to offer products to. It's win-win situation!

It is not a con or a scam, but it is actually a genuine way to make money on the Internet, it just isn't really about "reading" email. You just have to respond to them or visit a recommended website and you get a small amount of cash credited to your account. All you have to do is build up the number of people reading underneath you and you can earn with little effort.

So, technically you can get paid to read emails, but you need to combine it with other online activities to make it worth while.

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