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As the Internet expands its doors to future online entrepreneurs, scams are also making its way in the online community. Just check your daily email and you might encounter various offers promising you millions of dollars or even your dream house at a low cost. It may look extremely convincing at the first glance, but on second look, you may realize it is just an old Internet scam after all.

The 21st century is characterized by various changes in the political as well as in the economic aspects of the present society. Governments are now harmoniously cooperating with other governments to strengthen political ties with each other.

The creation of regionalized bodies, such as the European Union, is a proof that stable economic outlook is significant to neighboring countries. In other words, such changes on the international society is expected rather than planned.

However, for the majority of population, the 21st century is more associated with another change rather than political and economical. For them, the present era is more of technological transformation, which is responsible for the sudden change in the political and economic aspect of the present society. Modern communication, through its digital advancement, has paved the way for economic growth because of additional employment.

In the same way, international concerns are easily addressed using such modern communication. The development of previous inventions, such as steam trains to bullet trains, is a proof that present society is coping up with the changes of the present era.

Speaking of inventions, would you believe that the Internet is one of the best technological inventions ever made in the history of mankind? In addition, the Internet is not spared from innovation—in fact, the Internet is not just the famous Information Superhighway, but it is also a catalyst for economic development.

You need not go out of your house just to buy your personal needs. Just get your credit card, log on to a shopping website over the Internet, and let them handle the transaction for you. In a few hours your needs would be delivered at your doorstep—all within a few clicks of your computer keyboard and mouse.

Earning an income is also a great possibility over the Internet. There are thousands of home-based opportunities to start with. You may join various affiliate marketing programs, create your own website and use it as an advertising bulletin over the Internet, or “buy and sell” home-made products on the web. These are all certain possibilities over the Internet in the 21st century.

However, as the Internet expands its doors to future online entrepreneurs, scams are also making its way in the online community. Check your email and you might encounter various offers promising you millions of dollars or even your dream house at a low cost. It may look extremely convincing at the first glance, yet you may realize later on that it is just an old Internet scam after all.

Ten million victims.

Five billion U.S. dollars.

That is the numerical statistics which the Federal Bureau of Investigation gathered from 2003 to 2004 with regards to online scam cases. Previous annual statistics showed that there were only 4.5 million Internet scam victims and some $2.3 billion worth of financial damages. However, despite of the information disseminated about Internet scams, many individuals still fall into the hungry claws of Internet crooks. Thus, the figure of the victims and revenues lost were doubled on the succeeding year. What's worse is that authorities fear that the statistics may triple on the next three to four years if individuals will still fail to avoid such Internet scams and warnings against them.

If you do not have an idea of what an Internet scam looks like, check the following and ask yourself if you have already become a victim of these vicious online scams. Here is just a few of them.

1. Online Lottery Scams. Ask an Internet expert and he will answer you one thing: He has never met anyone who actually made money out of online lottery. Keep in mind that lottery is a “game of chance”, thus there is no way to predict the result of a lottery draw. Do not be fooled.

2. Online Casino Scams. Gambling goes online. Admit it; they are making millions of dollars compared to land-based casino operations. Thus, expect to meet some “E-book” crooks who will grab the opportunity of selling you their products supposedly containing the formula to winning online casino games. Again, just like a lottery draw, a casino game is still a game of chance, and there is no way to predict the results.

3. Dating Scams on the Internet. It is one of the hottest selling items on the Internet. If you are desperate enough to find your lifetime partner, you may try looking for him/her through these online dating sites. But beware; you maybe chatting with someone who is out to collect money from you and stay away from you for good after.

You are intelligent enough. This is the 21st century—an era when technological development is used by other people trying to cheat you. Always be a step ahead of these crooks and beware of such and other Internet scams.

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